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Corporate resources

Corporate resources

At Corporate Relations, we understand that businesses today require multifaceted support to thrive and succeed. That's why we go beyond traditional corporate programs and offer a comprehensive suite of services to help your company reach its full potential. Our extensive ecosystem provides you with access to talent recruitment, applied research, corporate entrepreneurship and branding and awareness initiatives. Through our talent recruitment services, we can help you find the right people with the right skills and experience to help your company grow. 

Our applied research services allow you stay on the cutting edge of your industry and make informed decisions based on the latest data and trends. Our corporate entrepreneurship services are designed to foster innovation and create new business opportunities, while our branding and awareness initiatives can help you establish your brand and reach new audiences. We believe in adding value in every way possible, so you can achieve your business goals and thrive in today's fast-paced marketplace.

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IE’s Talent & Careers Department assists companies in attracting top talent. This department offers efficient, personalized solutions to help companies reach and exceed their goals. With a network of over 72,000 alumni from 165 countries, IE Talent & Careers provides access to a diverse pool of professional profiles, ranging from young professionals and middle management to senior executives.

IE can also help organizations establish internship programs that train the leaders of the future, through either 450- or 900-hour programs. These internships offer valuable hands-on experience for young professionals and provide organizations with a pipeline of highly-skilled and motivated future leaders. By leveraging its extensive network and talent development expertise, IE University can help organizations recruit top talent to foster the growth of future leaders and achieve their business goals.


Founded by ambitious entrepreneurs, IE University has become a dynamic institution committed to innovation, disruption and, above all, entrepreneurship. It’s part of our DNA and we’re proud of the entrepreneurial spirit that defines us.

By partnering with us, companies can promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within their organization, leading to increased revenue growth and a more dynamic and competitive business environment. Whether you're looking to launch a new venture, develop an entrepreneurial mindset within your organization,or even create an entire innovation ecosystem, our programs and resources can take you where you want to go.

Cultivating Innovation: The Why Behind Our Focus on Corporate Entrepreneurship

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    Corporate entrepreneurship is the process of creating new ventures within an existing organization.

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    Entrepreneurship and innovation are important for corporate growth and success.

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    Companies need to create a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation to foster new ideas and opportunities.

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    Companies should be willing to take calculated risks to pursue new ventures and opportunities.

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    The key to successful corporate entrepreneurship is identifying and exploiting market opportunities.

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    Corporate entrepreneurship requires a supportive environment, including leadership support, resources, and the right organizational structure.

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    Companies should pursue multiple corporate entrepreneurship opportunities simultaneously to increase the chances of success.

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    Effective team leadership and collaboration are critical for corporate entrepreneurship success.

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    Measuring and tracking progress is important to ensure the success of corporate entrepreneurship initiatives.

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    Companies should continue to adapt and evolve their corporate entrepreneurship initiatives over time to stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

We work with private and governmental organizations to create entrepreneurship ecosystems that foster innovation in society.

IE University aims to provide the environment, the resources and the networks that enable entrepreneurs to create and establish successful businesses. We work to coordinate different stakeholders, including business owners, investors, mentors, educational institutions, governmental organizations,and other groups to support entrepreneurs so that they can thrive.

We harness the combined power of these stakeholders to create a local, regional,or international ecosystem in order to foster innovation and economic success. Our entrepreneurial ecosystems help create new jobs, drive economic development,and encourage innovation and growth in a number of industries by giving entrepreneurs the tools that they need.

Infographic about Corporate resources - Our Entrepreneurial ecosystem


As a university, we are home to a multi-cultural group of scholars and experts in a variety of fields. Committed to excellence and academic rigor, our scholars add value to companies and institutions through:

  • Applied research that seeks solutions to specific issues or concerns that businesses are facing.
  • Developing and applying edtech solutions.
  • Sponsoring a particular topic of research.
  • Participating in our different Centers of Excellence

Through its research efforts, IE University develops valuable insights, innovative solutions, and best practices that companies can use to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the curve. The university's commitment to spearheading research and its strong partnerships with industry leaders ensure that companies have access to the latest ideas, technologies,and techniques to drive their success.


Partnering with IE University means that your company is committed to innovation, education, and growth. It means that you are enhancing your branding strategy by gaining access to IE’s resources, network, and reputation. We will work together to zero in on your corporate strategy. We will increase your brand's visibility and credibility through a combination of applied research, educational events, and training programs. IE can also provide access to its student and alumni networks. These networks are not only a valuable resource for attracting and retaining talent, but also priceless in terms of expanding your reach to new customers.


By creating a platform for interaction and collaboration, you can deepen existing relationships and create new ones, which can lead to increased business opportunities.

Brand Awareness

Well-attended, well-publicized events raise your brand’s visibility. By working with knowledgeable partners, you can leverage their expertise and reputation to increase your brand's reach and credibility.

Thought Leadership

By presenting new ideas, research, or solutions, you have a unique setting where you can showcase your company's innovation and commitment to growth.


New Connections

New connections are potential new leads. Engaging with attendees strengthens your company’s reputation and generates interest in your products or services.

Generate Leads


There is nothing like meeting in person to spark creativity and inspire trust. Meet other major industry players, find potential partners, and stay ahead of industry trends.


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