Knowledge sharing We promote research, organizational learning and best practices in education by supporting various observatories and chairs.

Chairs and Observatories

At IE Foundation we want to promote the transference of insight through our chairs and observatories. These projects promote learning and innovation in a great variety of areas, guaranteeing a constant advancement in the development of knowledge.


The chair seeks to generate cutting edge research with the final goal of fostering organizations in which employee health and well-being can flourish.

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IE University and Impact Bridge promote social entrepreneurship and impact investing | IE Foundation

Impact Bridge - IE Chair for Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

The Chair seeks to use the potential of quality academic research to contribute to the transformation of social and environmental problems while maintaining a renewed vision of the business and financial world.

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IE-ELECNOR Observatory on Sustainable Compliance Cultures | Fundación IE

IE-ELECNOR Observatory on Sustainable Compliance Cultures

An initiative with Elecnor Foundation, in collaboration with the law firm Eversheds Sutherland, and the full involvement of IE Law School. The objective is to promote ethical commitment within organizations, especially in small and medium-sized companies where there is lesser knowledge of regulatory compliance and requirements.

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An initiative in collaboration with Fundación Mutualidad Abogacía to develop research projects on the savings situation and financial planning of families in the medium and long term.

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Observatory for Demographics and Generational Diversity

This observatory helps to create new models for management that deal with the challenges and opportunities involved in managing senior talent in the business world.

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Cátedra José María Cervelló | Fundación IE

José María Cervelló Chair

The José María Cervelló Chair provides scholarships to students with an excellent academic record who wish to pursue a legal program at IE Law School.

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Join4Impact Observatory

The chair seeks to offer an innovative vision of entrepreneurship and investment that helps transform current social and environmental issues towards the construction of a fairer, more sustainable world through academic research.

Join4Impact Observatory
Investigación | Fundación IE

Pérez-Llorca Chair/IE Commercial Law

The chair’s initiatives in research and education offer a professional perspective on the practice of law in the international context of commercial law.

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"Social impact is moving from the margins of business management to the mainstream. Some even claim that “social is the new digital”, pointing out that to be competitive, corporations need to transform their business models by addressing global sustainability challenges. While this is good news, we still lack the tools and frameworks that are necessary to guide entrepreneurs and investors who try to do good through business. This, in addition to the politization of ESG around the world and the multiplication of impact washing, makes our role as academics more crucial than ever. The aim of the Impact Bridge-IE Chair is precisely to promote rigorous and impartial research on social entrepreneurship and impact investing, providing practitioners with evidence-based and actionable advice
"Saving is essential to maintain purchasing power and avoid financial vulnerability throughout life, as both income and consumption needs change over the life cycle. Therefore, knowledge and understanding of investment vehicles is very important.

Analysingthe gender gap in this field becomes highly relevant in a context where women have lower lifetime earnings, lower pensions, yet higher longevity. Our research at IE Foundation, through the Household Savings Observatory, is at the forefront of this field."