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About Us

Improving the world by training the leaders of a better tomorrow.

About us

We are committed to being your reliable and transformative partner. We provide access to world-class expertise, industry insights, and cutting-edge knowledge. We empower companies globally, helping them harness the abundant resources of IE University to address their immediate challenges, proactively prepare for future demands, and take their businesses to new heights. By fully understanding your unique needs and objectives, we seamlessly integrate into your business strategy, offering tailored and valuable solutions.

IE Corporate Relations plays a crucial role in adding value and facilitating the collaboration between your company and IE University. 

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Here are some important key points to consider:


Linking Interests:

Corporate Relations acts as a bridge between the diverse interests of companies and the entire ecosystem of IE. It recognizes the specific needs and goals of the companies and aligns them with the resources and expertise available within the University.


organizing and Connecting the Dots:

 Corporate Relations takes on the responsibility of organizing and coordinating various activities and initiatives. It helps companies navigate the complex landscape of academia, research, and talent development, ensuring effective collaboration and synergies.


New Product and Services:

Corporate Relations actively promotes innovation and supports companies in the creation of new products and services. By leveraging the expertise of faculty members, researchers, and students, it fosters a collaborative environment where new ideas can be generated, tested, and implemented.​


Maximizing IE Resources:

Corporate Relations plays a crucial role in enabling companies to make full use of the resources available within IE. This includes access to cutting-edge research facilities, data and analysis, industry insights, and a diverse talent pool of students and graduates.


Customized Solutions:

Corporate Relations understands that each company has unique requirements. It works closely with companies to develop customized solutions that address their specific challenges and objectives. This may involve tailored research projects, executive education programs, talent acquisition strategies, or other collaborative initiatives.​


Building Long-Term Partnerships:

Corporate Relations focuses on building strong and long-lasting partnerships with companies. It seeks to establish a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust, transparency, and shared goals and values. By nurturing these partnerships, Corporate Relations contributes to the sustainable growth and success of both the companies and the University.​

About IE

IE has been delivering academic excellence since 1973. IE trains leaders who promote innovation and change in organizations with a global focus and who have an entrepreneurial and humanistic spirit, providing a training environment in which technology, diversity and teambuilding play a key role.​

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