Talent Development Creating & developing high impact team training resources for your organization

Through a series of top management programs, Master’s and MBA programs, bootcamps, high impact online programs, adapted or customized programs, IE Corporate Relations provides your organization with the most innovative talent development solutions. We align our training capabilities with your organization’s specific needs in order to strengthen it and help it adapt to today’s ever-changing, complex business environment. We shape leaders who promote innovation and change within their companies, nurturing their entrepreneurial mindset in pursuit of a more sustainable and profitable future for all.

Top Management Programs

Specially designed for CEOs, directors, and experienced professionals who are looking to directly apply the knowledge they acquire in the classroom to their work. This includes:

General Management

For senior executives aiming to develop their strategic vision, update their knowledge with the latest trends in business management, and enhance their leadership skills.

Sectoral Programs

Designed to provide solutions and knowledge on the latest management trends in a number of specific sectors, such as real estate, legal, tax, luxury, health, security, tourism, distribution, family business, and entrepreneurship.

Specialized Programs

Immerse students into the key areas of business management, including strategy and leadership, finance, marketing, communication and sales, project management, human resources and talent management, corporate social responsibility, and technology and innovation.

Masters & MBA Programs

Aimed at senior management and CEOs, our Masters and MBA programs integrate a number of courses designed for and by our five schools. They are adapted to allow participants to combine their academic journey with their personal and professional commitments.


Programs that aim to develop specific skills according to the needs of each participant, offering them the opportunity to boost their careers in an increasingly dynamic environment.

  • IE Data Science Bootcamp

    This innovative program is aimed at professionals who want to learn how to use data efficiently in the business environment in order to collect, clean, structure, store, modify, analyze, and visualize data from different sources, thereby finding solutions to complex business problems.

High Impact Online Programs

100% online programs featuring videoconferences, individual sessions, group discussions, and debates. The HiOPs last five weeks and include sessions at the WOW Room in Madrid, participation with expert guest speakers, and the chance to work on real-world cases. These courses include:

In English

  • Digital Marketing, Social Media and Analytics: an omnichannel strategy.
  • Financial Decision Marketing for Managers
  • Leadership and Strategy in the Age of Disruption
  • Innovation for Growth
  • Scale-up: How to successfully manage growth

In Spanish

  • Marketing Digital, RRSS y Analítica: una estrategia omnicanal (Digital Marketing, Social Media and Analytics: an omnichannel strategy).
  • Familias Empresarias: cómo crear valor a lo largo de generaciones (Family Businesses: how to create value across generations).

Corporate Programs

We adapt existing programs offered at IE to meet the individual needs of each client and ensure the quality of our courses through a rigorous admissions process that carefully selects the most promising, high-potential candidates. Through customized content tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs, and through our trademark blended model that combined in-person and online training, IE provides each client with made to measure training solutions. All participants that complete their programs are awarded an IE diploma and join our 60,000-person strong community of alumni. We offer 3 types of adapted corporate programs:

Master’s programs for specific organizations

Designed in collaboration with a company or group of companies.

Master’s programs for a specific sector

Focused on company consortiums and tailored to market needs.

Sponsored master’s programs

Funded by an organization and designed specifically for the professionals and/or third parties from the organization.