IE University and DKV hold the opening ceremony of the DKV-IE Chair on Employee Health and Well-Being


IE University, through IE Foundation, and DKV, promote cutting edge academic research to foster organizations where employee health and well-being are a fundamental pillar.

MADRID, March 30th, 2023.-The opening ceremony of the DKV-IE Chair on Employee Health and Well-Being was held today at the IE Tower. The event featured prominent business leaders and experts who gathered to celebrate the partnership between IE University and DKV in this new research initiative.

The event began with a warm welcome from Gonzalo Garland, Vice President at IE Foundation, followed by Javier Cubría, Chairman of the Executive Committee at DKV, and included presentations from Marco Giarratana, Vice Rector of Research at IE University, and Rocío Bonet, Director of the Chair.

“For DKV, the creation of this chair is a natural step, as we are a company that places people and their health at the center of our actions. We are confident that all the research that arises from it will be a great opportunity to raise awareness about health in the workplace, and to promote good practices that foster well-being in this environment.” – Javier Cubría, Chairman of the Executive Committee at DKV

Following the introduction, a masterclass was conducted by Arnaldo Camuffo, Professor of Human Resources Management at Bocconi University, where he discussed current challenges in human resource management practices as a result of the digital revolution and social sustainability.

“We must understand that people move from one company to another; so that when you are hiring someone, you are hiring the good and bad things that a person experienced in another organization. That is why we need HR to develop innovative practices to decrease social dumping and reduce negative externalities, and also why we have to understand that the impact that companies have on their employees ends up affecting all society. Human capital (workers) is not a resource of companies, it is a resource of society; so, it is our common responsibility to take care of these people and their health and well-being.” – Arnaldo Camuffo, Professor of Human Resources Management at Bocconi University

The masterclass was followed by a lively panel moderated by Rocío Bonet with the participation of Guillermo Tena, Director of Human Resources Legal Strategy at Instituto Cuatrecasas, and Araceli Morato, Director of Occupational Health at BBVA, which focused on the impact that the work environment can have on the mental health of employees. The audience engaged enthusiastically and participated by asking questions and expressing their views.


The purpose of the Chair is to contribute, through academic research, to the development of companies in which the health and well-being of employees are a fundamental pillar. In this first year, the research will focus on exploring how the future of work, broadly understood as working flexibly, will impact employee mental health.

The chair is led by Rocío Bonet, PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, Professor of Human Resources at IE University, Director of the Chair, and author of numerous articles published in prestigious academic journals such as The Wall Street Journal, The European Business Review and Organization Science.

We are facing a new work reality – employees and companies are facing unprecedented changes, which will have an impact on the health and well-being of employees. These changes revolve around three axes: teleworking; the great competitive pressure that companies face to reduce costs; and the continuous changes in organizations that, faced with the need to survive, are seen in a continuous restructuring, with the consequent instability.” – Rocío Bonet, Director of the Chair

The partnership between DKV, IE Foundation and IE University demonstrates the commitment of both institutions to create a positive social impact and care for the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.

IE University strives to improve the quality of education as a mean to drive change and supports cutting-edge research that benefits society at large and the academic community.

DKV, is a personal insurance company specializing in health, oriented to sustainable development, and committed to the health of humanity, to bridging the gender gap and to fostering and strengthening work-life balance.


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