IE University and DKV promote employee health and wellness


IE University, through IE Foundation, and DKV promotes and contributes to quality academic research to support the health care and well-being of employees in current and future situations.

With this goal in mind, both institutions signed an agreement in November 2022, for the creation of the DKV – IE University Chair, which begins its activity in January 2023.


The DKV-IE Chair aims to propose and create, through research, an innovative vision of the future of employment and employees. The research will initially be conducted along three main lines:

  • Employee well-being along with the factors and occupational consequences stemming from mental health problems.
  • The relationship between alternative remuneration systems and employee retention in the organization.
  • The future of work considering the latest trends in the field of corporate wellness.

The chair will be led by Rocío Bonet, P.h.D. in Management and Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at IE University. Professor Bonet has published articles in numerous academic journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, and Organization Science and has collaborated with several research projects within IE University.

This union between IE University and DKV is a result of the commitment of both institutions to employee care and innovative employee behavior. IE University looks to improve the quality of education as a means to drive change and supports research that benefits society at large as well as the academic community. DKV, a private insurer and health activist, seeks to invest in projects with sustainable growth that contribute to a healthier society for humanity. In this way, the alliance contemplates a common goal: impacting and contributing to a healthier society, both now and in the future.

“Companies that fail to provide a workplace in which employees can flourish risk facing a demotivated workforce and are likely to encounter difficulties to attract and retain talent. Yet, recent data suggests that the level of employee well-being is far from desired for many organizations. Current changes in the labor market such as the widespread adoption of remote work, the use of AI to manage workers, or changing demographics, present companies with challenges regarding how to best create places that foster employee well-being. Academic research can help us elucidate the drivers of employee well-being in today organizations as well as the organizational consequences of fostering well-being workplaces.” Prof. Rocío Bonet, Director of the Chair DKV-IE