IE University and DKV host masterclass focused on building healthier organizations


On September 27th 2023, IE University and DKV, in collaboration with the IE Center for Health and Well-being, held a masterclass titled “Building a Healthy Organization: An Evidence-Based Management Approach.” Led by Rocío Bonet, Director of the DKV-IE Chair on Employee Health and Well-being, this event aimed to provide guidance on the obstacles and complexities of building healthier organizations by examining the latest research on the organizational drivers that affect the mental and physical well-being of employees. 

This research is the result of the lines of action of the DKV-IE Chair on Employee Health and Wellbeing, which, in its first year, has prioritized academic research focused on exploring how the future of work will affect the employee well-being.

In the words of the Chair’s Director, Rocío Bonet, “Recent data from around the world reveal the increasing incidence of mental health issues in individuals. Due to the extended time we dedicate to work and the impact that our work life has on our personal life, it is crucial to understand which business-related factors affect mental health. Throughout the class, evidence was presented based on recent scientific research, shedding light on the factors that jeopardize employees’ mental health. The main barriers preventing companies from promoting healthy workplaces were also identified. Additionally, the importance of facing the challenge of creating healthy organizations based on empirical evidence rather than intuition was emphasized.”

The Masterclass was a success, thanks to the exchange of knowledge among experts, professionals, and students who attended the event. During the session, Rocío delved into the fundamental factors that significantly impact employee well-being and touched on how organizations can proactively address these challenges and create a healthier work environment.

This event is a testament to DKV and IE University’s commitment to promoting health and well-being in the business world, contributing to the development of healthier and more sustainable companies in the future.