Custodia Cabanas

Professor and Chair of the Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Department at IE Business School

Custodia Cabanas

As an expert in leadership and change management, Custodia has authored numerous research works on organisational behaviour, being a regular collaborator with professors from Insead and Wharton in this field. Over the last three years Professor Cabanas has extended her field of research toward strategic communication and has set up, and currently runs, the first observatory in the field in a Spanish business school.

She holds a PhD and an MBA from IE, and a Law Degree from Universidad Complutense, Madrid.

She currently Chairs the Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources and Leadership Area at IE, and she is Director for contents of the leadership development workshops for IE Business School and IE University.

She is author of numerous cases and research articles on change management and vision creation, strategic communication, and the role of feedback. She has participated in several projects in conjunction with Insead and Wharton on cultural diversity, career change and leadership, including the Fontaneda case and the Castillo de Canena case, which received the case writing award in the EFMD case competition in 2016.

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New trends in internal communication and change management as strategic allies of companies.

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