Center for Liquid Learning


Liquid Learning is IE’s unique and evidence-based education method that will help students and professionals acquiring expertise, developing skills as well as mindsets needed to access and develop the jobs of the future. 

The objective of the IE University Center for Liquid Learning is to facilitate knowledge sharing, feature liquid learning experiences and building community. microsoftteams-image-7

Through our Center, people will have access to profiles of faculty, learning scientists and academic leaders who are shaping the IE Liquid Learning Model. People will gain insights on Liquid learning through publications on our Pedagogies, Learning Design and Research. 

On this IE portal, we will take people on a journey of liquid learning by showing engaging videos from faculty from all the IE schools that shows IE Liquid Learning in Practice. 

Last but not least, Liquid learning is enabled by sophisticated education technologies and tools that will be featured on the center andfor people who would like to learn more about Liquid learning, we are organizing free webinars and offering different education programs as well as conferences for faculty from all around the world. 

Welcome to our community. 

"In a context where education cannot be put on hold, Liquid Learning provides you with the education that you need in order to develop your skills, as well as get better prepared for reaching the new jobs of the future."
Santiago Íñiguez
President of IE University

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