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Sustainability Capacity Building

Increase the potential of your Organization through Specific Training.

  1. Increase the potential of your Organization through Specific Training

In an era of unprecedented change, new things to be learned as well as adapted to. Consistently identifying knowledge gaps is crucial to reach goals and optimize opportunities. Maximizing the potential of your employees can facilitate organizations to gain a competitive advantage and improve employee satisfaction and overall performance.


Through targeted training initiatives, we empower organizations to navigate and proactively address sustainability risks in their value chain and daily activities. Our programs go beyond theoretical knowledge, providing practical tools and methodologies to assess, manage, and mitigate these risks effectively.

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From supply chain vulnerabilities and dependencies to DEI strategies, our training teams equip professionals with the skills needed to build resilient and sustainable business practices. IE University is committed to empowering organizations through transformative training initiatives, aiming to seamlessly integrate sustainable practices across industries as a strategic opportunity.

Our programs

Leadership and Foresight Hub

Designed for top-level executives from leading companies that want to participate in enriching, multidisciplinary discussions that will give you unique insights and perspective on Technology, Sustainability and Ethics and Geopolitics.

One Wednesday of each month

Sustainability your competitive advantage

This program has been designed for senior executives who intend to shape the future of their organizations through Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) frameworks in order to generate measurable and meaningful change.

One Wednesday of each month

Leadership in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

The program provides key tools for the integration of ESG and corporate responsibility into the company's business strategy, taking as a model real cases of good practices in this area.

4+1 (days)

Master in Sustainability and Business Transformation

The Master in Sustainability & Business Transformation will prepare you to be a professional, who is able to integrate sustainability—encompassing economic, environmental and social perspectives—as the driving force and cornerstone of your business strategy.

12 months

Sustainability bootcamp

For individuals aspiring to enhance their understanding of sustainability, gain a competitive edge for their organization, and advance their professional trajectories.

The IE Sustainability Bootcamp offers a thorough overview of sustainability with a specific focus on reporting, covering its principles and real-world applications.


This course addresses the growing imperative for gain a deeper sustainable finance education and guidance in corporates. It acknowledges the extraordinary trend among businesses and within our society.


More and more companies are looking for managers who understand what ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria are and are capable of incorporating them into the design and execution of business strategies. These criteria have permeated business plans, talent management, and the income statement, becoming a competitive advantage for those who know how to apply them.


Gain the skills and expertise you need to generate a positive global impact and tackle the complex challenges of the 2030 Agenda with the Master in International Development. Delivered over 10 months, this is a full-time program that takes place in-person at our Madrid campus, complemented with a unique week-long immersion experience in Geneva. Become the impulse for change.



Boost your career and upskill your competences in development and sustainability with the Executive Master in International Development. Delivered over 10 months in a blended format adapted to your schedule, this part-time program takes place online with short in-person periods in Madrid and New York. Become a key player in the multilateral system.

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At IE University, we believe that tackling the world's most pressing complex problems will require an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability. Our curriculum reflects our values and goals. We integrate sustainability in all our programs. We aim to provide future world leaders with the skill set they need to face complex and multifaceted environmental, social and economic challenges.

Driven by our pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedicated to creating a positive impact on society, IE University is in a unique position to seek innovative solutions that create a more sustainable planet. We strive to educate generations of business and policy leaders who are well-equipped to tackle complex and multidimensional challenges.

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