IE University, recognized as one of the first 'carbon neutral' universities in Europe
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At IE University, we believe that tackling the world's most pressing complex problems will require an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability. Our curriculum reflects our values and goals. We integrate sustainability in all our programs. We aim to provide future world leaders with the skill set they need to face complex and multifaceted environmental, social and economic challenges.

Driven by our pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedicated to creating a positive impact on society, IE University is in a unique position to seek innovative solutions that create a more sustainable planet. We strive to educate generations of business and policy leaders who are well-equipped to tackle complex and multidimensional challenges.


At IEU we are developing immersive content to boost the students academic experience. It is key for IE to help find ways in which technology can help us further edcate our students in sustainability. We have developed a VR Case to expose students to issues in a truly immersive way. For example "Eye In the Storm" is a three-part immersive experience into climate change mitigation and adaptation. First, students will live through an emotional and alarming VR experience in a hurricane. Next, they will understand the different roles of key decision makers in the conversation around climate change through a multimedia material.

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IEU Labs are IE University’s alternative to traditional work placements. They provide hands-on, internship-like experience on campus to first and second year students that wish to start gaining professional practice. There are many IEU Labs working on sustainability related fields, through this labs you will not only get to build your professional profile and gain valuable practical knowledge of different sectors, but you will also have direct contact with managers and directors of leading companies working on sustainability and social impact.


The IEU Slow Fashion Lab embraces the term sustainability, which encompasses many concepts that are sometimes difficult to understand and apply. Ethical, responsible, eco, circular, sustainable and innovative are just a few terms connected to this Lab. The Slow Fashion Lab, a pioneer initiative at IE University, was born with the purpose of making these concepts easy to understand and to apply for students through practical and inspirational training in the fashion industry.

This Lab provides students with the opportunity to network with professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the fashion industry, including marketing experts, communication managers, and designers. By participating, students can enhance their values and positive


The Food Culture Lab provides students with an opportunity to collaborate in cross-functional teams and explore the intersection of sustainability, climate change, energy efficiency, digitalization, technology, and education through the lens of food. The Lab aims to experiment with innovative social and business models centered around the theme of food, emphasizing its potential to bring communities together through shared energy.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet with the client at every phase of the process, and they will attend inspirational talks with leading professionals in the sector.


IE University students take part in a variety of projects, including initiatives related to sustainability and social impact. One such initiative is the Social Impact Lab , which functions as an external consultancy focused on NGOs. The Lab's work involves assisting NGOs in defining their needs and achieving their goals and objectives.

The Social Impact Lab acts as a social development consultancy that takes advantage of the multicultural origin of its participants and the synergies that their diverse educational backgrounds offer. The Lab’s methodology enables students to work with a professional approach towards the main causes defended by NGOs, while also fostering their social awareness.


The Policy Lab is where students collaborate on policy-related projects. The objective of this Lab is to introduce students to the wide world of policy (in the broad sense of the term).

This Lab is a “do-tank”—students have the opportunity to work on real projects with our partners in the private, non-profit or public sector.


The Legal Clinic of IE University aims to allow students to have hands-on experience, through the pro bono practice. The Clinic provides f ree legal assistance to NGOs, foundations, and people in need, making an invaluable contribution to society.

 It also supports startups in its early stages as a commitment to the entrepreneurship environment of the university. Research, drafting of legal arguments and meeting with clients will be combined with real interaction with practicing lawyers who will supervise the work.