What is a master’s degree in finance? Is it worth it? Where’s the best place to study one? In this article, we answer these questions and more, introducing you to the future-focused Master in Finance program at IE University.

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Choosing your master’s degree is no easy task—especially if you’re looking for a program focused on an industry that’s constantly innovating and expanding. The Master in Finance at IE University has been designed with exactly that in mind, keeping you up-to-date and highly employable for top financial institutions.

Do you think the Master in Finance could be right for you and your career goals? We’ve answered the most-asked questions about this dynamic program, so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

What is a Master in Finance?

The Master in Finance focuses on the ever-changing world of finance, training professionals in cutting-edge financial developments and preparing them for success in the new world of work. Covering the most relevant aspects of our current financial reality, the program allows you to customize your experience to tailor it to your specific career goals.

Is a Master in Finance worth it?

A practical profile is a key first step to your future career in finance, an industry proving to be very resilient and continuously offering new positions.

Everything you need to know about the Master in Finance at IE University

The Master in Finance program puts your skills into practice while you specialize in one of four areas of finance.

Our four specialization tracks reflect the demands of today’s world of work to accelerate your career to where you want it to be. We focus on the latest trends through an interactive and immersive educational experience so that you can become an expert in your chosen financial focus.

IE University offers Spain’s leading Master in Finance program. It has been ranked 8th best in the world by the Financial Times, and 5th best for obtaining an investment banking job by eFinancialCareers. However, there are many paths you could pursue, from private equity to fintech, and as the sector evolves, new roles are constantly emerging.

At IE University, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of the IE Trading Lab with state-of-the-art Bloomberg terminals and Factset. Additionally, you’ll be able to gain Python or MATLAB programming skills to further diversify your skill set and stand out from the crowd.

Finally, students in the Master in Finance benefit from our partnership with the sector-leading Deutsche Bank. The collaboration allows participants to work with an industry giant before even graduating, gaining specific skills and CV-boosting experience early on.

Is the Master in Finance right for me?

If you’re eager to explore the intriguing world of finance and want a professional profile that sets you apart, the Master in Finance could be the program for you.

The majority of our students are international and have about two years of work experience to their name.

Everything you need to know about the Master in Finance at IE University

However, your background doesn’t have to be in the financial industry and we have had students come from companies such as PwC, Deutsche Bank and even Decathlon, among others.

The Master in Finance can be completed either full time over one year, or part time over 22 months. Both formats give you the complete toolkit for financial success.

Regardless of which path you choose and your prior experience, you’ll need a passion for finance and the opportunities it can present.

Does IE University offer financial aid options for the Master in Finance?

Yes! Thanks to the work of the IE Foundation, financial aid is available for the Master in Finance. The foundation awards hundreds of scholarships each year, based both on need and merit, and six million euros’ worth of scholarships are allocated to women each year.

Everything you need to know about the Master in Finance at IE University

We strive to ensure there are no barriers to the professional development of tomorrow’s leaders.

The Financial Aid office also offers a variety of loans, thanks to various agreements signed by IE University with major financial institutions. We also offer flexible payment options, including interest-free payment plans.

Learn more about the Master in Finance at IE University

We’ve answered the top questions about the Master in Finance at IE University, but there’s a lot more to uncover. Explore the full study plan, alumni testimonials, what your cohort might look like, and much more in the program brochure.