Is a Tech MBA worth it? What is a Tech MBA, anyway? Do you need one to become a leader at a tech company? We answer these questions and more in this article, giving you the full rundown on this innovative MBA program.

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Choosing a master’s degree is a tall order—and even more so if you’re after a program that combines disciplines. Luckily, the Tech MBA has been crafted for that exact purpose, seamlessly merging tech and business to prepare the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Wondering if the Tech MBA is right for you and your career goals? We’ve answered the most-asked questions about this future-forward program, so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

What is a Tech MBA?

A twist on the classic MBA, the Tech MBA is aimed at professionals who wish to effectively lead teams in the ever-evolving tech sector. To become a successful, agile leader in this modern setting, you need not only an updated leadership toolkit, but a well-rounded knowledge of the technologies disrupting the business world.

Is a Tech MBA worth it?

While both management skills and tech knowledge can be acquired through experience alone, a Tech MBA is designed to fast-track your journey, condensing years’ worth of experience into an immersive, coherent, one-year program.

You’ll also enjoy the benefits of attending a top-ranked business institution. IE Business School was ranked 6th best in Europe in the 2021 Bloomberg Businessweek rankings, and several of our MBAs have been named #1 in the world. During your time in the master’s, you’ll expand your international network of brilliant business professionals as well as connect with world-class educators and industry leaders.

Finally, you’ll be guided by the expertise of the Tech MBA Advisory Board, made up of top-notch tech professionals eager to share their insights with you. Participate in talks, mentoring sessions, corporate visits and networking events, and take advantage of this opportunity to land exciting internships and get your foot in the door before you graduate.

The Tech MBA is a sure-fire investment in your future career, equipping you with the skills, experience and network to lead and transform any organization in the tech industry.

Is the Tech MBA right for me?

Who is the Tech MBA for? The majority of our students have a degree in STEM, given the highly technical nature of the program. However, if you have a degree in finance or economics, with evidence of STEM related coursework and a passion for tech, the Tech MBA could also be a perfect fit. What matters most is that you’re eager to change the game, using innovation and a disruptive mindset to lead meaningful, tech-fueled change.

In terms of work experience, most of our admitted students have at least three years under their belt. Your experience doesn’t necessarily have to be in the tech industry, although it is preferred. Regardless, you will need to demonstrate a passion for tech and the opportunities that come along with it.

Does IE University offer financial aid options for the Tech MBA?

Yes! Financial aid for our cutting-edge Tech MBA is available thanks to the work of the IE Foundation, which awards hundreds of scholarships per year, based both on need and merit. The foundation allocates six million euros for scholarships for women alone, ensuring there are no barriers to the professional development of the bold, bright change-makers of tomorrow.

Aside from scholarships, our Financial Aid office also offers a selection of loans, thanks to various agreements signed by IE University with major financial institutions. Additionally, we offer flexible payment options, such as interest-free payment plans.

Learn more about the Tech MBA at IE University

We’ve answered the top FAQs about the Tech MBA at IE University, but there’s more information to explore! Discover the full study plan, alumni testimonials, what your cohort might look like, and so much more by downloading the program brochure.