Metaverse Catalyst Conference


The Metaverse Catalyst Conference is part of an overreaching framework at IE School of Science and Technology that focuses on educating multidisciplinary tech leaders and conducting high-impact research to address complex issues and hasten global advancement.

Academic leaders from around the world converged on Madrid as IE’s School of Science and Technology hosted the first Metaverse Catalyst Meeting, a 3-day conference designed to explore collaboration opportunities and create next steps to foster positive change through educational programs, high-impact research projects around Metaverse  

 Catalsyst Science & Technology

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This collaborative roundtable meeting involved global luminaries from prestigious global institutions such as Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, IE University, Lund University and the University of Melbourne. Each guest provided their expertise in Information Technology, AI, and DataScience.

With their expertise in information technology, AI and data science, the participants were able to bring their knowledge to the table while also learning from other disciplines and points of view. It was an opportunity to collectively assess what’s next in these fields and how best to anticipate the new frontier’s challenges and opportunities.

Watch below some of their insights about the future of the metaverse, STEM careers and diversity and the event itself.

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    The future of STEM careers

    Discussions focused on how the metaverse can be used to address global challenges. STEM careers have the power to change the world. Will you be driving change in this unexplored sector? Are you ready for a career in STEM?

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    Diversity in STEM

    The field of technology has a long way to go in terms of diversity; it’s not diverse enough to achieve its full potential. Hear what our experts have to say about the importance of diversity in the sector and how to achieve it.

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    What is Catalyst?

    But what is Catalyst? It’s where experts come together from around the world to spark something bigger. How will Catalyst define our future path and positively impact us? Listen to what our experts have to say.

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    What is the future of the metaverse?

    But what is the metaverse? How is it going to shape our lives? How can we use it to our advantage? Hear what our experts have to say about the future of the metaverse.

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At the event, our guests demonstrated that through the metaverse and simulations, doctors, pilots and other professionals are allowed to learn their skills without putting lives at risk. Skills become internalized before applying them in real life, and this ability increases the motivation to learn.

Reducing limitations allows entrepreneurs to plan their startups strategically and reveals a long list of possibilities. More importantly, the metaverse creates an inclusive learning environment and accelerates the learning process for people with disabilities.

Thank you to all the participants for forming a global community to share best practices for education and high-impact, entrepreneurially driven research in the area of the metaverse.

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    Thas Nirmalathas

    Thas is professor of Electronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne and deputy dean for research within the Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology. He shares with us his thoughts on the metaverse, artificial intelligence and the interconnected nature of the challenges we’re dealing with today. He also offers his views on what careers will be available to future graduates and how they will have to adapt.

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    Guido Schuster

    Guido, Founding Director of the OST's Interdisciplinary Center for Artificial Intelligence, discusses his desire for data science and AI to be expanded into more fields to facilitate the creation of transferable skills. He also discusses how civilization-advancing technologies are becoming increasingly important, as well as how we should empower non-engineers to do engineering work by providing them with smart tools such as machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence.

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    Ken Singer

    Ken, a "recovering entrepreneur" and current managing director of the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley, discusses his path, which has included studying the history of science and technology. Ken also discusses the inspiration, knowledge and insights that individuals gain from having access to all ecosystems as a result of technological advancements.

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    Jill St. John

    Jill St. John, who works in research management at Melbourne's Faculty of Engineering and IT, takes us through her journey from Marine Biologist to her role in assisting academics in obtaining funding for their research, and guiding them through their projects. Jill believes that Engineering and Computer Science can provide many answers in this ever-changing world, particularly in terms of sustainability. She also believes that STEM has a bright future, despite the reality that one of the sector's challenges is growing its diversity, which includes, among other things, increasing the number of females.

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    Jes Broeng

    With a background in laser physics, Jes Broeng, professor and director at the Technical University of Denmark, shares his insights on entrepreneurship and how sharing common values and objectives is not sufficient for a startup. Jes also emphasizes the value of combining STEM and business with the social sciences, humanities and other subjects to provide future entrepreneurs with greater opportunities.

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    Amine Bermak

    Amine Bermak, professor and associate dean of the College of Science and Engineering at Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar, discusses his passion for technology and the potential of integrated electronics, particularly for wearable sensors. Amine is convinced that the technology industry will experience exponential growth thanks to the metaverse, impacting every industry and creating new ones.

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    Charlotta Johnsson

    Charlotta Johnson, a professor at Lund University in Sweden and the head of the Helsingborg campus, explains her perspective on the implementation and use of technological tools such as the metaverse, simulations, the Internet of Things, data analytics, and robotics in the manufacturing industry. She discusses the concept of "smart manufacturing" and emphasizes the importance of collaboration for common industrial standards and industry cooperation.

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    Amrik Sen

    "Education is about synthesizing the act of reflection and imagination." Amrik Sen, a mathematics professor at Plaksha University in India and trained engineer, discusses his investment in student learning as well as his thoughts on the ability of technology to transform education. Amrik also discusses student projects centered on creating games based on various mathematical and physics concepts that could be played out in the metaverse.