IE University introduces a new, innovative professional certification for the Marcom industry.

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Data is the most important product of the digital age. In a modern economy ruled by globalization and information technology, it plays a direct role in business success today. With access to the right data, companies gain key insights about their product and customers, as well as trends in the market and more—allowing them to climb to the top in their respective industries.

However, it all starts by transforming this raw data into data-driven strategies that propel business growth. That’s why digital analytics has become more essential now than ever. IE University intends to bridge this gap through a new, innovative certification: the IE Digital Analytics Certificate: GA4. This unique certification will empower Marcom students to leverage data to drive the digital transformation of businesses.

Introducing the IE Digital Analytics Certificate: GA4

Digital analytics is simply the process of translating customer behavior into practical, effective business strategy. And with the COVID-19 pandemic revolutionizing the business landscape, the demand for technically skilled professionals has soared to an all-time high—particularly in marketing. They are an integral part of the process—from collecting customer data to examining it using marketing analytics, and identifying patterns that will guide future campaigns.

One of the most common tools used in web analytics is Google Analytics. The newest version, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), replaces the long-established but soon-to-be obsolete Universal Analytics (UA) properties. The IE Digital Analytics Certificate: GA4 is designed to familiarize students with this powerful marketing analytics tool and help them understand their role in the new era of data.

This certification is specifically geared towards four Marcom programs: the Master in Strategic Marketing & Communication, Master in Creative Direction, Content and Branding, Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior, and the Master in Customer Experience and Innovation.

Highlights of the GA4

Google Analytics 4 is such a game-changer because of its flexibility and cutting-edge features. This tool allows businesses to see the user journey across devices as well as various web and app platforms. What’s more, it utilizes Google’s advanced machine learning technology to offer useful predictions and guidance. It’s also a big step up in terms of privacy; incorporating cookieless measurement and event-based data to provide user-focused measurements.

Through the IE Digital Analytics Certificate: GA4, students will gain a highly in-demand skill set that will establish them as leaders in the field. They will learn how to extract meaningful insights from customer behavior and use it to improve UX, boost their organization’s revenue and, ultimately, increase customer satisfaction.

By the time they complete this certification, students will be able to develop a comprehensive Marketing Analysis Plan, identify the right metrics for every scenario, build useful reports, and pull actionable insights from the resulting data.

A world of benefits

Do you want to enrich your professional profile while improving your career prospects? Earning a professional certification like the IE Digital Analytics Certificate: GA4 is the ideal way to do so. Not only does it establish your credibility as a highly skilled professional, but it also sharpens your competitive edge. Ultimately, a professional certification will dramatically improve your earning potential, exposing you to some of the top employers in the world.

Google announced that all Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits in July 2023. So now’s the time—the IE Digital Analytics Certificate: GA4 will place you on the frontline of this massive industry shift and help your résumé stand out.