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IE Resilience Scholarship Fund (COVID-19)


The ongoing health emergency caused by COVID-19 is fueling a major social and economic crisis across the world. Multiple actions are already being undertaken at local, national and global levels to combat the negative impact of this extremely challenging situation.

One of the effects already impacting the IE community is that of the changing economic circumstances of current students and their families, and of highly qualified candidates who find themselves facing worsening conditions in an exceptionally uncertain economic environment.


The IE Resilience Scholarship Fund (Covid-19) comprised of up to 5 million euros earmarked to help mitigate the negative economic impact this situation is having on current students and candidates.

IE Foundation has launched a series of scholarship programs to assist these candidates for the duration of their chosen program, with the help of further generous financial support from both individual members of the broader IE Community, and of corporate donors, including, among others, Santander, Kistefos, FRV and AJE.


In an effort to increase the impact of this fund, IE Foundation will seek contributions from members of the wider IE community who are able and willing to help those affected by the consequences of the pandemic. The substantial joint efforts of the IE Community – including students and their families, alumni, faculty, staff, and corporate and institutional partners – serve to ensure that the maximum possible number of outstanding candidates who may not have the means to fund their studies at IE are supported in their endeavors.

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Our aim is that highly qualified students do not interrupt or postpone their studies due to extreme conditions caused by the pandemic. We will be targeting students and candidates from areas or sectors which are particularly vulnerable to the resulting adverse effects. The IE Resilience Scholarship Fund will be administered by the Financial Aid Office in close coordination with IE Foundation.


The creation of this fund reflects the firm commitment of IE Foundation and IE University to the broader objective of providing the highest quality education to highly qualified candidates from around the world even at a moment of great difficulty that is already posing important challenges to IE University. By tackling the considerable problems generated by the current crisis we will emerge stronger and the long-term individual and social benefits of education will prevail.

"The IE fund created as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly an invaluable proof of the great intentions that IE has towards building a more peaceful and sustainable world. I am very confident that this scholarship will pave the way for a great future ahead of me."

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