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Leopoldo Doadrio


Leopoldo Doadrio


Accounting & Management Control

Senior Scholar, Accounting & Management Control

Leopoldo Doadrio has taught financial accounting at IE Business School for some twenty years. Up to 2002, he combined his teaching with his position as senior account manager in Fortis Bank. This double facet, which he looks back on as a particularly positive experience, provided the ideal combination of an opportunity to apply accounting language to the world of business and vice versa. He had already had plenty of practice as an independent auditor from his beginnings when as manager of an SME in the food sector. He is currently immersed in the analysis of regulator process of the accounting reform in 2007 in Spain and of the New Accounting Plan in Spain, a subject that, with the International Accounting standards or Financial Information has been teaching seminars in open programs and other forums.

As director of the control and information department, he is responsible for allocating professors to the different programmes of the IE and coordinating the updating and homogenisation of the contents, especially the financial accounting programme content, ensuring that it is perfectly adapted to new norms of the recent accounting reforms of 2007.

In his own words: “The vast majority of Spanish enterprises are still not aware of the true scope of the accounting changes that we have nowadays”, states Professor Doadrio, who combines this speciality with his PhD in Senior Management at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid), where he tackled particularities of the mentioned regulator process carried on in the past years in Spain.

Professor Doadrio holds a Degree in Economic and Business Sciences from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, an MBA from IE Business School, and a PhD from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. His current objective is “to make financial accounting an attractive subject”, which he is trying to achieve through his classes.

Academic Background

• PhD in Senior Management at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

• MBA, IE Business School

• CPA registered in the ROAC

• Degree in Economics and Business Administration, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Professional Background

• 2006 – Actualidad: Director of the Information and Control Department, IE Business School

• 2004 – 2006: Subdirector of the Information and Control Department, IE Business School

• 2002 – 2004: Director of Corporate Development, IE Business School

• 1999 – 2002: Senior Account Manager, Fortis Bank

• 1984 – 1999: Responsible of special situation credits and Account Manager of the Generale Bank

• Certified Public Accountant (CPA), serving as auditor in suspension of payments

• 1980 – 1983: Managing Director, Especialidades Hispano-Italianas de Alimentación

Teaching and Research Experience

• 1986 – Present: Professor of Accounting, IE Business School

• Author of multimedia courses and various case studies and teaching notes and several research about NIIF and his implementation in accounting practices of the companies involve, and the accounting regulation in Spain and the new General Accounting Plan (PGC)


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