The Science of Happiness (Part I)

Today, the science of happiness is more important than ever; we really do have to learn to be happier. Organizations, too, can apply the lessons learned in this field, by giving employees the tools and the environment they need to increase their happiness. This will boost performance and engagement and so contribute to retaining talent. Diego del Alcázar Benjumea, Executive Vice President at IE University, talks to Tal Ben-Shahar, CEO of the Happiness Studies Academy and Professor of Positive Psychology at Harvard University, on the importance of happiness and the best ways of addressing it in the educational and corporate field, with a view to ensuring that we all enjoy better and more fulfilling lives. The 21st century needs students to be equipped with essential life skills that will enhance their impact in the world and that’s the purpose of IE’s Center for Health, Well-Being and Happiness that will be launching its first courses in the second semester of this academic year.


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