IE Experience

Taking the IE experience to another level

The IE Liquid Learning model offers a richer student experience. Our vibrant social, cultural and sporting life, full of different nationalities, languages, and lifestyles, is what makes the connections formed at IE so unique and permanent. Your experience goes beyond any program, allowing exploration through Campus Life activities, connection through the Alumni network, professional development through the Talent & Careers service, locally through Madrid experience and globally through the International Offices.

Campus Life

IE University’s values and spirit flow beyond the classroom. Campus Life fosters a fully engaged and supportive community with endless ways to get involved and meet interesting people from all over the world.

The diversity of activities, clubs, forums, associations and initiatives and, beyond the borders of the campus, the exciting, interesting and enriching encounters with many thousands of students from different cultures, ensure a constant ebb and flow between contrasting environments beyond the classroom that open out into promising professional waters.

Campus Life

Global Alumni

The Liquid Learning effect will continue beyond your program. As a member of our global alumni, you will have access to 40+ career oriented and other job search sessions. You will participate in a virtual network that connects alumni and students in our worldwide database. Our peer-to-peer mentoring platform facilitates career advice within the IE community.

Talent & Careers

Toolkit: over 40 career oriented sessions and growing, job search sessions, alumni up close and more

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Talent & Careers

Career Education

IE University will ensure you build the skills you need to land that perfect job. Our Virtual Talent Forum brings +120 companies and +500 job offers to the attention of +1.500 students. We’re ready to help you hone your skills with our mock interviews, and to hit your target with our virtual networking opportunities and on-line job search groups.

Career Advising

Our impactful career advising, learning resources and development tools allow students and alumni to plan, manage and attain their professional goals from anywhere in the world. Online sessions, digital interviewing and job search, calls with career reps and academic teams, plus active tracking by Advisors to check progress together mean we can take our advice to you.

Recruiter relations

Every year, IE Talent & Careers partners with companies worldwide to identify the talent they need to succeed in today’s complex, competitive and unpredictable business environment. From internships to full-time roles, we help recruiters find the right talent to take their organizations to the next level, with students able to access our Career Portal from all over the world.

Talent & Careers

International offices

The IE community has over 65,000 alumni in more than 140 countries. We have 32 IE International Offices and more than 150 staff members who recruit the best students and provide support to 60+ worldwide alumni clubs founded, developed, and organized by our alumni. Our network offers countless opportunities for you to get involved and make an impact, wherever you are.