Learning at IE

Be ready to anticipate the “new normal”

Liquid Learning blends physical, digital, and natural environments so that students can obtain a world-class education, whatever their location, profession, or situation. This new hybrid format pioneered by IE University brings students on campus together with students based all over the world, enabling them to participate in the very same program, cohort, and classroom. The hybrid class is flexible, and students can choose to study from the geographical location most convenient for them.

A more autonomous learning journey

Our students are the protagonists of their learning journey, accessing more open, diverse and rich learning dynamics, with more possibilities to choose from, and more scope for personal organization and to pursue their interests and intellectual curiosities.

A more autonomous professional journey

Our students are also the protagonists of their professional journey because, from the very first moment they put into practice what they are learning in a real-world environment, starting to build their future network, making themselves known to companies and institutions, trying out, visiting and experiencing firsthand the different possibilities of professional development open to them.

The Liquid Learning experience is:


Time and location are no longer barriers to benefiting from a top quality education. Active learning influences this flexibility, by allowing student teams to take classes together, meet for projects, do their homework and tutor one another, wherever they are.


Regardless of where our students are (online or offline) or how are they are engaging with us (inside or outside the classroom), relationships grow and learning flows. Wherever you are based, you will still enjoy the professional and social richness that our programs are known for because the Liquid Learning model ensures constant engagement with the learning community.


Learning comes in many different ways, and that’s something we take full advantage of. Within the Liquid Learning mindset, active learning is centered on conversation, discussion and debate, which are critical elements of individual and collective learning in every IE program.

Embedded in the real world

Our students put the real world experience gained in the program into practice by engaging interactively with our faculty, fellow students, leaders and members of the IE University network.


This is fostered by our core team-based education, which sets the foundation for critical social and behavioral skills, such as positive competition, collaborative teamwork, communication, active listening, and time and task management.



You will participate in a set of very diverse learning activities through which knowledge flows to the student. Your schedule will include classes, seminars, projects, simulations with specific software, preparation of essays, tutorials, etc.


You will have greater choice. For example you can choose between being physically in the classroom or connecting remotely, to further intensify one aspect of your learning or another, or to carry out certain activities at one time or another.


You can distribute your workload to suit your learning rhythm and according to what is going on in your life or in your professional career. This enables a more precise gearing between your learning personal and professional objectives.


Each program will adapt Liquid Learning to meet its needs, given the nature of the classes. However there are some elements you will find across all programs:

The Classroom

Some students are physically in the classroom and others are connected remotely – visible on the screens in the room. Remote students can hear the professor and their classmates, see the professor and the content shared by the professor on the screen (whiteboard, PowerPoint, video, etc.), while they speak and write on a chat. A variety of tools and exercises are used, such as polls, breakouts, role-plays, etc., and the professor will monitor student progress and support anyone who falls behind.


These are used for deep case discussion and/or Q&A, in parallel to specific activities or alongside the full course.


These real-world exercises are accompanied by a Q&A forum where the professor can clarify and doubts. The professor will monitor student progress and encourage those who fall behind. The simulation will end with a reflection and a debrief, done over VC or through a forum.

Group Coaching

This is provided in blocks of 30 minutes per group, and can be attached to a specific project or may be formative.

Group Project

This may be a final project to conclude the course, a big project that continues alongside the entire course or a small project undertaken to gain specific competencies. Projects are accompanied by personalized support and feedback.

Individual Assignments with Peer Feedback

These include detailed evaluation rubrics to ensure appropriate feedback, and will undergo a final check from the professor to ensure standards.

1-on-1 feedback sessions:

These may be associated with a specific assignment / activity or be formative. If formative, feedback will be preceded by students’ self-reflection (this may be compulsory to access the live feedback).

Learning activities in the student's day-to-day



With whom in my class?

Simultaneously: we all coincide in doing the same activity

We do not coincide in doing the same activity

The entire class

Lectures ‌, Conferences Forums ‌, Simulations

Only my workgroup

Discussion seminar ‌, Team Projects ‌, Company/Institutions Projects ‌, Workshops Working on the final Business Plan‌, Group coaching

I work individually with a specific learning activity

Pre-Program Course ‌‌, Surveys/polls‌, Exams, Class Exercises Individual Assignments ‌, 1 on 1 Feedback Sessions ‌, Peer to peer Feedback ‌, MOOCs (Video) ‌, Capstone/Thesis/Dissertation

Liquid Learning at our schools

Each of our schools has integrated the liquid learning model into their way of teaching in order to continue innovating and enhancing the student experience. Discover which program fits you and your career goals