As the 21st century unfolds, cooperation among the democracies and market economies of the West becomes ever more crucial in dealing with the security issues and economic problems of global politics. One of the salient features of contemporary European politics, however, is its tendency to focus insufficiently on America and on the Transatlantic Relationship.

In fact, research and teaching on contemporary US and Latin American politics, security in the Atlantic, or transatlantic innovation policy do not reflect the importance of the US to Europe in solving global challenges such as democratization, terrorism, trade, proliferation, financial regulation, or the drug trade, to name but a few.

Since progress on these issues requires intensive cooperation among the Western democracies, with the US-European relationship at the core, a particular effort is called for. We at IE have launched the Transatlantic Relations Initiative (TRI) to foster applied and interdisciplinary work on the Atlantic world, its many challenges and the numerous opportunities available for cooperation.


An annual conference that IE School of International Relations organizes in partnership with the Transatlantic Initiative at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. This conference brings together in Madrid members of the Harvard and IE community, senior practitioners from the Atlantic space and current and former fellows of both the IE and Harvard Universities. Experts address issues of global affairs of particular importance to the politics, security and economics of the US-European relationship. The conference is supported by the Rafael del Pino Foundation in Madrid.



To be held every November at Harvard this workshop will bring together Harvard and IE faculty and staff to discuss the state of transatlantic relations. It will also help design the agenda of that year’s Atlantic Conference to be held the following summer.


The TRI fosters debates on European affairs, American politics and broader Ibero-American issues. It is within this framework that the IE School of International Relations has launched three new Observatories chaired by Distinguished Fellows of the TR. Each Observatory periodically organizes round tables with experts with the aim of exploring key topics and challenges in the European and Ibero American spheres.

The Observatory on the European Union

Chaired by Josep Borrell, former President of the European Parliament.

The Observatory on Latin American Politics

Chaired by Susana Malcorra, former Foreign Minister of Argentina.

The Observatory on German Politics and Economics

Chaired by Jose Maria Beneyto, Professor of International Public Law and International Relations.

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