White House correspondent Jon Decker visits IE to discuss and analyze the upcoming 2020 US election

According to Jon Decker, a very strong US economy such as the one we are currently witnessing could help President Donald Trump get re-elected in 2020.

28 Nov 2019



New Canada Observatory: An Evening of Conversation on the Opportunities and Policy changes after the 2019 Federal Election in Canada

The Transatlantic Relations Initiative presents the new Canada Observatory On behalf of the IE School of Global and Public Affairs.

31 Oct 2019


Observatory on Canada

Observatory on US-Hispanic Politics with Mark Lopez Hugo; More Latinos Have Serious Concerns About Thier Place in America Under Trump

Presenting the Pew Research Center’s latest findings on Hispanic trends in the United States, Pew director of Global Migration and Demography ...

07 May 2019


Observatory on US-Hispanic Politics

US Trends That Matter For Europe: A New World In The Making

The IE School of Global and Public Affairs had the recent pleasure to host the launching of the working paper, “US Trends That Matter for ...

27 Feb 2019


Observatory on the European Union, Special Events

Transatlantic Relations Initiative: Launch of “The Observatory on US Hispanic Politics” with Chair Daniel Ureña and Speaker Sean Trende

December 13th, 2018 - IE School of Global & Public Affairs presented its new The Observatory on US Hispanic Politics, part of the Transatlantic ...

17 Dec 2018


Observatory on US-Hispanic Politics

Transatlantic Relations Initiative: Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Security Policy Alejandro Alvargonzalez speaks on NATO

Students who gathered to hear Alejandro Alvargonzález’s answers to the complexities of current global politics left the event "NATO: Mapping of ...

23 Nov 2018


Observatory on the European Union

IE School of Global and Public Affairs Hosts Three Day Conference to Explore the Future of the Transatlantic Relationship

The Transatlantic Conference took place from July 6th to 8th in Madrid and Segovia, focusing on the current state and future implications of transatlantic relations. Leading experts from around the world came together to discuss the causes of the transatlantic crisis and its global consequences

09 Jul 2018



Harvard, IE and the Rafael del Pino Foundation Bring Together World Experts to Examine the Future of Transatlantic Relations  

The future of transatlantic relations will be the central issue discussed this weekend at the Transatlantic Conference, an international event ...

08 Jul 2018


Special Events

Observatory on the European Union: Italy After The Elections and Within The EU

“The government of change”, this is how the new Italian government, which lies on the agreement between the 5 Star Movement and the Northern ...

18 Jun 2018


Observatory on the European Union

Observatory on the European Union: with an introduction by Josep Borrell, Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Madrid, June 11 2018. Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Josep Borrell, was at IE University on Monday to examine the ...

12 Jun 2018


Observatory on the European Union

Observatory on Latin American Politics: Future Challenges with Luis Alberto Moreno

Amid the profound societal changes Latin America has been experiencing, the region’s middle class nearly doubled in size over the past decade, this ...

22 May 2018


Observatory on Latin American Politics