With a solid base in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, our Business & Management programs shape competitive professionals who are highly sought after in the corporate world.

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Your education should be a journey toward discovering and achieving your best future. At IE Business School, our goal is to help you learn more about the current you, identifying your aspirations, strengths, gaps and purpose. Then, we’ll be your trusted guide to help you define and pursue the next best you.

Career options for MBA students

We continuously talk to companies and analyze job data to help our Business & Management students stay up-to-date with the latest trends. The result is that we’ve organized the world of business into major career pathways to help you explore your options and get on the career path that’s right for you.

Whether you’re studying an MBA, including our International MBA and Global Online MBA, or our innovative Master in Management and Master in Management & Strategy, your journey will be carefully curated and career-focused to equip you with the exact set of skills that recruiters are looking for.

“The choices are endless.”

Career possibilities and opportunities after studying Business & Management

Where might you go next? What options do you have after completing one of these programs? The choices are endless, but we’ve simplified them into the key career pathways, highlighting some of the potential roles available to you post-graduation:

Branding, Marketing & Sales 
Master marketing and communication fundamentals to become a creative director, sales strategist or corporate communications director.

Strategy, Organization & Transformation
With advanced strategic, analytical and digital skills, find competitive roles as a project manager, corporate strategist or business transformation consultant.

Finance, Investments & Accounting 
Carve out a successful niche as an asset manager, investment banker or fintech consultant.

Digital Business, Analytics & Operations
Build a thriving, future-proofed career as a data scientist, automation consultant or director of digital analytics

Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation
Fulfill your entrepreneurial ambitions as a founder and CEO, director of business development or business innovation consultant.

Product Management & Service Design
Master product and service workflows to land positions as a service designer, UX/CX design consultant or director of product management

Sustainability Management & Strategy
Keep up with sustainability trends and become a chief sustainability officer, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) specialist or decarbonization strategy consultant.

International Business & Economics
Understand global markets to become a chief economist, international trade manager or international development consultant.

Opportunities in the real world

To better understand what our graduates go on to do after their MBA, our annual career reports are an invaluable resource. For our International MBA 2020-2022 alumni, most (27%) found job opportunities in the tech industry. Here is a breakdown of the other sectors our alumni wound up working in:

• Financial Services (20%)
• Consumer, Luxury & Retail (17%)
• Consulting (15%)
• Industrial (14%)
• International Development & Social Impact (5%)

In terms of roles, the top four employment areas by function were Marketing, Product Management & Sales (29%), Strategy (18%), Finance (18%) and Consulting (17%).

Thanks to the innovative combination of general management courses with specific concentrations in our range of MBA programs, our graduates and alumni often secure positions in world-class companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, AWS, Tesla and Nike, to name a few.

Curated career resources and events

For our IE Talent & Careers department, the core mission is to guide and empower our community of students and alumni throughout their career journeys. Career Discovery advisors—specific to our International MBA—help you unlock your potential through unique self-assessment tools and methodologies. Meanwhile, industry experts guide you in exploring market trends and professional paths that align with your profile and aspirations.

IE Talent & Careers works closely with over 2,100 recruiting partners globally, connecting the right talent with the right need. Through these partnerships, the team is able to post 12,000 job opportunities exclusively to the IE Career Portal every year. Their efforts saw us welcome more than 300 recruiting partners to IE Business School between 2021 and 2022 alone, including recognizable names like Salesforce, BCG, Santander, DHL, IKEA, Impact Hub and many more.

Similarly, our incredible variety of career-focused events allows you to engage with companies at an unparalleled level. They include:

• IE Careers Forum
• MBA Talent Days
• Company presentations
• Interviews and assessments
• Business competitions
• Panels
• Workshops
• Conferences
• Networking activities with clubs
• Webinars
• Livestreams

An accelerated career after your Master in Management

Completing our Master in Management opens up a world of career opportunities. After graduation, students tend to go into various roles, as broken down by career pathway:

• In Branding, Marketing & Sales, the most popular roles include community manager, sales strategist or marketing research analyst.

• In Strategy, Organization & Transformation, corporate strategist, business transformation consultant and implementation coach are some common titles.

• In Finance, Investments & Accounting, our graduates become financial analysts, investment bankers or fintech consultants.

• In Digital Business, Analytics & Operations, some attractive positions include data scientist, innovation product lead or automation consultant.

• In Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation, common titles include founder and CEO, venture capital analyst and business innovation consultant.

• In Product Management & Service Design, popular title options encompass service designer, director of product management and UX/CX design consultant.

• Lastly, in International Business & Economics,  the most common positions include international trade manager, international development consultant and government affairs director.

According to the latest career report, the most attractive sectors for graduates of this program were Technology (24%), Consulting (22%), Financial Services (19%) and Consumer, Luxury & retail (18%). The top three employment areas by function were Marketing, Product Management & Sales (34%), Finance (23%) and Consulting (22%).

The Master in Management blends general management courses with specialized concentrations, positioning our graduates for positions in leading organizations such as Google, Meta, LinkedIn, PwC, L’Oréal, UBS and many more.

Rooted in entrepreneurship

Career possibilities and opportunities after studying Business & Management

And for those who have the urge and drive to start their own venture, entrepreneurship has always been an integral part of our DNA.

We instill this mindset in all our Business & Management students, empowering them to start their own businesses, innovate in existing organizations, invest in others’ great ideas, or teach and mentor other entrepreneurs.

We’ve embedded various entrepreneurship activities into our ecosystem toward this end, including our Startup Lab, Venture Lab and Knowledge Incubator.

This entrepreneurial strength has been recognized internationally: in the Financial Times MBA 2022 ranking, IE Business School was ranked number one in Europe and fourth in the world for entrepreneurship teaching.

If you’d like to learn more about the careers and opportunities our pathway has to offer, contact us at business.recruitment@ie.edu.