In today’s ever-changing business world, our graduates need to be able to hit the ground running. That’s why our international faculty is made up of experts with the knowledge and real-world experience you need to guide you on your path.  ​

Comprised of executives, entrepreneurs and academics, many of IE Business School’s professors hold senior positions in organizations from startups to multinationals, and are hands-on inside the companies, projects and initiatives that are spearheading how the business world is evolving. We leverage this intellectual diversity and wealth of perspectives to create a program that is both ambitious and challenging – using the most advanced educational methods and resources to teach you the mindsets, skills and tools you need for the real world of work. ​

Whatever your educational journey looks like, our faculty have the experience and expertise to help you get the most out of it.


You’ll break down the world of business by studying practical problems that arise in real-world situations – the type that can affect any kind of company. Working individually at first, and then in groups, you’ll analyze and debate case studies with your classmates before engaging in group discussions under the guidance of your professors. ​


We believe in the power of diverse teams, which is why Master in Management students are divided into work groups carefully chosen to blend different nationalities, backgrounds, training and experience – reflecting the nature of teams in the real world. This group work provides essential preparation for professionals taking up future management positions, all with a highly practical focus. What’s more, we change the teams each term to broaden your exposure to different people and perspectives, maximizing your opportunities to network and connect with like-minded students.     ​


Our teaching brings together the most up-to-date and effective methods, using a wide range of multimedia tools including simulators, interactive visuals, videos and podcasts, as well as interactive case studies and technical notes. Our program is designed to cater to all types of learning styles, ensuring that whatever your preferred method, you’ll find our content engaging. ​


Students must meet the following conditions and requirements to be officially enrolled and entitled to request the official university degree upon completion of the master program. If educational prerequisites are not provided and/or if the requirements are not met on time, the student will not be able to request the official university degree as issued by the Spanish government. In this case, the studies will not be official under Spanish educational regulations. 


Meet the Master in Management Vice-Dean​ David Suarez

As Vice Dean of the Master in Management, David brings over 25 years of experience in strategy and management consulting to guide students on their journeys to becoming the next best versions of themselves. For the last 10 years, David was a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, leading all human capital consulting activities in the Middle East. Before that, he was Vice President (Partner) at the Organization, Change and Leadership Practice at Booz & Company and served clients across Europe and the Americas at Deloitte Consulting.  

Throughout his career, David has focused on how people, organizational behavior, and effectiveness can enable large-scale business transformation. His areas of expertise include human capital strategy, talent and leadership development, organizational culture, change management, board/corporate governance, organization and operating model design, business transformation program management and performance improvement. In recent years, David has studied the impact of megatrends like technology-driven disruption and demographic changes, examining how they will affect the future of work and how ready organizations are to handle these challenges. Today, he generously shares his expertise with IE students, empowering the next generation of leaders to forge the career paths that are right for them and make a meaningful impact on the world. 


Our faculty understand that guiding you on your journey to the next best you is about more than teaching. Their mission is to help you form a clear picture of who you are, what you want and what matters to you, then help set you on the path that best suits your aims and aspirations.  ​

They’ll help you to understand your strengths – and maybe even uncover ones you didn’t know you had – and work with you to define your career goals and what you’ll need to achieve them. They’ll reveal any gaps you may have and make sure you know how to fill them. And they’ll show you how to become an impact player and clarify what brings a sense of purpose to your work – then ensure that all of those things are in alignment with your future path. ​

Drawn from a diverse range of nationalities, backgrounds, industries and experience, our faculty will challenge you to think about yourself in new ways, embrace new mindsets and learn new ways of working – equipping you with everything you need to succeed on your terms.

Accounting & Management Control




Human resources and Organisational behaviour

Information Systems & Technology



Operations & Technology




Finding the right path for you goes beyond the classroom. A journey of discovery requires curiosity and a sense of adventure – and no city caters to those needs better than Madrid.  ​

Famed for its student-friendly environment, Spain’s capital offers everything you’d expect of a global city with an international outlook. A wealth of bars and restaurants combine with an all-night culture to make for a vibrant nightlife scene, while affordable and efficient public transportation makes it easy to get around. From food to sports to culture, Madrid is the ideal place to indulge your interests and discover new ones. And as a hub for the offices of giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google, there’s no shortage of places to indulge your ambition too.  ​

The Master in Management is an exploration of who you are and who you want to become. Make that journey inside the classroom and out.


The IE Business School campus is more than just a place to study. In the Master in Management, you’ll be joining a unique ecosystem situated in the heart of Madrid’s business district – a cosmopolitan hub that will stimulate your creativity just as much as your work ethic. Offering access to the latest technology and ample spaces to workshop your entrepreneurial vision, our campus has everything you need to explore the career pathways that lay before you.
Outside the classroom, the Campus Life office is the beating heart of your experience, coordinating a huge range of activities to enable you to broaden your personal horizons and discover passions you never knew you had. And with plenty of opportunities for networking, there’s no better way to connect with peers from a diverse range of backgrounds. From taking part in campus TEDx talks to scuba diving in Alicante, with more than 120 student clubs to choose from, there’s an adventure waiting just for you.


It’s our mission to provide you with the opportunities for discovery that help define the best direction for you – then equip you with the tools to get you there. IE’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center is designed to do exactly that, creating a space where you can connect with investors, mentors and a worldwide network of successful entrepreneurs, providing inspiration and know-how in equal measure.  ​

At Area 31, IE’s in-house incubator, you’ll find a dedicated workspace for startups at every stage of development. Whether you’re still honing your entrepreneurial vision or looking for hard-earned experience from the real world, you’ll find the people and the expertise you need to help you turn plans into action.

Study At IE because Madrid is...


Madrid is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, exploding with music, art, history and gastronomy. In this city that never sleeps, you can find whatever suits your interests and budget — everything from alternative culture hubs to some of the world’s most spectacular museums, world-class theater to the raw power of flamenco or all-night dancing. Whether you are on our central campus, exploring one of the city’s iconic neighborhoods or enjoying a cold drink and tapas on a sunny terrace, you will always feel at home in Madrid.  


Madrid’s energy fuels movement. One of the world’s greenest cities, it contains massive central parks ideal for walking, running and cycling. Just north of the city, you’ll find a stunning mountain range where you can hike, climb and even ski in the winter. Rather watch sports? Madrid is famous for its world-class teams and tournaments. Venturing further, in just a two-hour train ride, you can access a whopping nine UN World Heritage Sites. Want to go further still? Madrid’s an ideal base to explore Morocco, as well as a variety of other destinations in Europe. 


Madrid is a multicultural city that prides itself on openness. Discrimination due to gender, sexual orientation, religion or race is not tolerated. Instead, the city celebrates the diversity of its residents. Head to the neighborhoods of Lavapiés or Malasaña to experience the city’s rich cosmopolitan influences and enjoy food and culture from all corners of the world. Or check out the stylish barrio of Chueca to explore the heart of the city’s vibrant LGBT+ community. No matter who you are, you’re sure to fit right in.  

Madrid is life

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With a population of 3.2 million, only Berlin is larger ​
With a population of 3.2 million, only Berlin is larger ​
Source: Financial Times FDI Cities and Regions of the Future 2020/21 ​
Expat City Ranking 2022 highlighted Madrid’s climate, leisure options, and cost of living ​
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One for every 211 inhabitants: El Mundo ​
One for every 211 inhabitants: El Mundo ​
Source: Comunidad de Madrid ​
Average anual temperature
Plus an average of 7.5 hours of sunshine per day ​

Frequently Asked Questions


The next best you is a fundamental concept at IE Business School. It means we focus on helping you analyze the current you, determine your desired impact as a leader and give you the skills, mindset and tools you need to reach your full potential. Our approach is personalized and tailored to each individual student, rather than using a one-size-fits-all method. We offer a range of guidance, options, and support throughout the program to help you identify and refine your strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. We provide a wide variety of workshops, mentorships, career advisors, industry connections and extracurricular activities to help you develop the insight, skills and abilities you need to succeed. This personalized approach sets IE apart from other leading universities. Not only does it set you up for greater success, but our approach is valued by recruiters seeking graduates who have undergone this transformative process and have received a highly personalized education.

What is the Master in Management class profile?

 The Master in Management is a business program aimed towards young professionals who have between 0 and 2 years of work experience after they have graduated with their bachelor's degree. The program is open to students of any academic and/or professional background to enrich their experience and class diversity. Our students have an average age of 23 and have a wide range of professional backgrounds.

Can I do this program without a business background?

Yes, the Master in Management is open to students with an undergraduate degree in any field. This will help enrich the experience and class diversity.

What is the length of the Master in Management?

 The Master in Management is a full-time 11-month program taught in Madrid. We offer two different intakes, one in January (finishing in December) and one in September (finishing in July). *Please note that exact dates may vary, and a specific calendar will be offered by the team as soon as it is available.

What is the Master in Management structure?

The Master in Management is a highly customizable program: you can choose 50% of the content to tailor it based on your professional goals.

 It is structured in four different periods, where the first two will be the core of the program including all the business fundamentals. In the third and fourth periods, you will choose a track to follow and electives to add to your knowledge.

What is the difference between a Master in Management and an MBA?

Both the Master in Management and the International MBA are full-time business programs and highly customizable. The main difference between these programs is the class profile they are curated for. The Master in Management is aimed at young professionals who haven’t worked for more than two years full-time. The average International MBA student has been working for seven years and is in a managerial role. If you are unsure which program is right for you, please reach out to the Global Recruitment team.

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