Bachelor in Economics Drive economics in the new digital era

The Bachelor in Economics

Is for individuals who are...

passionate about quantitative analysis and data and interested in understanding the complexity of the principles that underpin economics in the new digital and tech era.

Looking for...

a program that will provide the skills necessary to help improve people’s lives in both the public and private sectors through a deep understanding of human behavior, economic environments and markets.

To become...

  • An economic consultant
  • A policy developer
  • A behavioral economics advisor
  • A financial market analyst
  • A government research consultant
  • A market data technology specialist
  • An equity expert
  • A blockchain risk analyst
  • A sustainable economy advisor

In this rigorous and challenging program students study economics, political science, behavioral science and modern applied technology to analyze the new reality of economics and how it affects the social systems in which we live and work. IE University’s proven expertise in economics and management are the foundations for this bachelor aimed at individuals passionate about analysis and tech, who want to make an impact in economics in the new digital era.


Undergraduate Degrees


4 years




Madrid, Segovia


If you choose to study the Bachelor in Economics, then you will study the first two years in Segovia and the last two years in Madrid.


Five reasons to take the Bachelor in Economics at IE University


Drive the new world of economics

The ever changing economic sector must integrate the digital technologies that shape our lives. The internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and big data affect decision making and policy, and create new opportunities in the local and global economic landscape. Traditional economics often underestimates the impact that new technologies have on societies, governments and businesses. In this program, you will study the implications of automation, e-platforms, and circular and sharing economy, which are often excluded in regular economic programs.

Merge technology, public policy and economics

The new economy requires talent that combines foundational knowledge in economic analysis with public policy and technology. Tools and skills like computing and data science, as well as proficiency in the public sector, are needed to make better decisions in the complex world of economics. You will study a comprehensive and coordinated mix of courses in tech, public policy and governance that will teach you how to help shape the economy.

Understand society and human behavior

The foundations of traditional economics have been constructed with an assumption of rational human behavior and optimal decision-making. But research has shown that human conduct is reshaping economic principles that were once thought to be absolute. In this bachelor, you will explore and study behavioral economics, experimental economics and behavioral nudging which gain more relevance in the field every day.

Gain a global understanding of the economy

You will study the economy from a global perspective to comprehend its impact on international relations, governments and organizations. In this program, you will explore topics like public affairs, governance, trade and crisis management allowing you to understand the dynamics that underpin the economic reality that drives our world. This broad approach to the study of economics will allow you to develop the skills necessary to become a successful economist capable of tackling challenges on an international scale.


This program has been designed with the combined expertise of IE School of Global and Public Affairs and IE School of Human Sciences and Technology.

IE School of Human Sciences and Technology

At HST, our end goal is to train the next generation of changemakers through programs taught by the best professionals in the industry who understand the power of technology, human behavior and communication, and how these are intertwined.

Learn more about IE School of Human Sciences and Technology

IE School of Global and Public Affairs

IE School of Global and Public Affairs is dedicated to excellence in teaching and research, shaping leaders able to understand a complex, and fast-changing world.

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