Juan Bourkaib

About me

My name’s Juan and I was born and raised in Madrid. Enrolling in the Master in Real Estate Development (part-time) program at IE University marked a real turning point in my career. The program’s abundant networking opportunities and international environment have opened doors for me to explore different roles and positions across the world. I’m currently working in Room 1804 , applying all the knowledge I gained in the program.

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Juan Bourkaib

“With my background as an architect, the program gave me a holistic view of the Real Estate industry, which helped me to better understand the needs of my clients.”

Juan Bourkaib

Networking for success

Juan Bourkaib

Juan Bourkaib, born and bred in Madrid, decided to embark on a path of professional growth and development at IE University. With a strong background in architecture, Juan gained seven years of experience at Foster + Partners before transitioning to a role at AECOM for five years.

After gaining this wealth of experience, Juan sought to expand his skill set by enrolling in the Global Master in Real Estate Development (part-time) program at IE University. Driven by a desire to understand the intricacies of the real estate industry, he aimed to leverage this knowledge to improve his projects and offer greater value to his clients. Today, he proudly holds the position of director at Room 1804 Design, showcasing his commitment and expertise in his field.

During the program, Juan looked at various aspects of real estate development, ranging from understanding business dynamics to meeting client’s needs and incorporating sustainability principles. One of the program’s highlights for Juan was the capstone project, which challenged him to integrate various elements into one cohesive, real-world solution. This hands-on experience allowed him to refine his skills and prepared him for the complexities encountered every day in the industry.

Beyond the classroom, Juan found immense value in the program’s networking opportunities.  Interacting with peers and professors who held high-level positions in the industry allowed him to expand his professional circle and gain valuable insights. Despite having already completed the program, Juan is “still in touch with his network,” continuing to seek advice and exchange ideas with them.

“The network was one of the most valuable parts of the program.”

As he reflects on his career so far, Juan credits the Master in Real Estate Development (part-time) program for empowering him to make strategic career transitions, from technical roles to business development and strategic advisory positions. He regularly puts into practice the knowledge and skills he gained from the program, thriving in his role overseeing “projects all around the world.” His expertise in real estate development, coupled with his passion for innovation, means he is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry.

Juan’s journey exemplifies IE University’s commitment to nurturing diverse perspectives and empowering students to become leaders in their respective fields. With a comprehensive curriculum and extensive global network, IE University prepares students like Juan to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry with confidence.