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At IE University, we’re proud to have a diverse community of scholars actively and creatively conduct high-quality research. They show a steadfast commitment to excellence and scientific rigor in every research project and strive to make a lasting positive impact with their results – both within the academic world and in society at large. These results also enrich students’ learning experience across all schools at IE University, as cutting-edge knowledge is consistently integrated into their program content.

The researchers in our community also keep their finger on the pulse of their fields and areas of research by participating in international academic conferences, forging partnerships for scientific collaboration, and engaging in relevant editorial and advisory initiatives. These activities strengthen scholars’ expertise while broadening and diversifying their scientific perspective. At IE University, we are committed to academic freedom. To that end, we encourage our researchers to research from diverse perspectives and critically evaluate a wide range of results and theories, while adhering to national laws and international ethical standards.

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The field of sustainability requires innovative research in order to both better understand the issues at hand and to derive novel solutions to them. To that end, at IE University, we’ve carried out various research projects in this area—and recognize the best of the best with our Sustainability Impact Awards. Learn more about all our projects on our official webpage.


IE University's Research Initiative on Policy & Management in the Digital Economy addresses the rapid evolution of the digital technology landscape, encompassing societal shifts, industrial and market transformations, new regulatory demands, and their interconnected implications. Recognizing the necessity for cutting-edge scholarship, the initiative aims to facilitate high-level academic discussions and integrate a public-policy perspective. Emphasizing the need for innovative approaches to accessing and decoding data, the initiative seeks to lead discussions on the implications of digital economy changes for research, management, and public policy in Europe. The initiative is generously supported by a two-year unrestricted gift from Meta, and inquiries can be directed to for further information.

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    Innovating in the Age of Digital Transformation

    Marco Giarratana, Professor of Strategy at IE Business School and Vice Rector of Research at IE University, provides insights on the topics covered during the IE Research & Policy of the Digital Economy symposium, which had the theme "Framing Innovation in Times of Digital Transformation."

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    Platforms Are Taking Over, How Do We Govern Them?

    Juan Santaló, professor of Strategic Management at IE University, examines whether platforms, ranging from major tech companies to unicorns, serve as the cornerstone for the world's leading corporations. He explores the role of these ecosystems in fostering innovation and delves into the question of their governance.

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IE University Research Ethics Guidelines

The "Principles of Integrity of Research at IE University" document encapsulates our enduring commitment to ethical research. In alignment with the IE Code of Conduct, the document explains the importance we place on responsibility, human respect, quality, transparency, and environmental accountability across all research endeavors.