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My name is Luca Gerini and I grew up in Switzerland, a multilingual, multicultural country. I spent the first 20 years of my life surrounded by nature, which means I spent a lot of my free time doing sports and other outdoor activities. I’m passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion—themes that I have continued to explore during my studies, which ultimately led me to IE University.

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Luca Gerini - Experience | IE Business School

“The Master in Talent Development & Human Resources provides a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application of concepts to real-world problems.”

Luca Gerini

A specialized program with personalization at the core

Born and raised in Switzerland, Luca Gerini grew up in a multilingual, multicultural environment. This diverse background inspired him to take a course on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) during his bachelor’s in business at the University of St. Gallen. The course sparked a new passion, which eventually took him into a 15-month internship at a boutique DEI consultancy after graduation.

His work experience not only provided him with valuable professional development but also gave him the space to deepen his understanding and passion for DEI. After he completed the internship, Luca wanted to move forward with a role in human resources. This led him to the Master in Talent Development & Human Resources at IE University. Commenting on his decision, he explains, “IE University offered the most specialized program in HR.” He also completed an exchange period in Madrid during his bachelor’s, and, as he says, “I’ve never heard anyone complain about the climate.”

“IE University offered the most specialized program in human resources. Plus, I’ve never heard anyone complain about the climate in Madrid.”

Although Luca is now only partway through his program, with plenty more to learn and discover, he was happy to share the highlights of his experience so far. He appreciates the opportunities he’s had to network with students from other programs through themed networking events and the wide variety of clubs available at IE University. Currently serving as the president of the IE DACH Club, Luca has been able to meet new people who share his interests through these experiences.

One thing that’s impressed Luca about the program so far is that his professors all have incredibly diverse backgrounds. They come from various countries and continents, and boast international experience thanks to time living abroad or working in global markets. Luca was pleasantly surprised that the content covered in class is applicable worldwide, helping him stand out from the rest when it comes time to apply for new roles.

Another way that IE University helps students gain a competitive edge is through a focus on incorporating cutting-edge technology into every program. Luca notes that building a successful career in human resources and talent development requires today’s HR departments to embrace a more data-oriented approach. “Data not only empowers organizations to gain deeper insights into their workforce but also enables them to gauge levels of employee engagement effectively.” He’s learned to harness data analytics, identify trends, anticipate potential challenges and implement effective strategies. These skills, plus a nuanced understanding of workforce dynamics, are indispensable for organizations today, according to Luca.

Before he enters the workforce again, Luca wants to make sure he takes advantage of every opportunity offered by both the program and the city. The best thing about living in Madrid, he says, has been the vibrant atmosphere. “Coming from a small city in a small country, Madrid offers everything I never had back home: shops open 24/7, a plethora of dining and drinking options, a warm climate and a bustling nightlife.” The convenient public transport and pedestrian-friendly layout of the city have allowed him to keep exploring and discovering new places whenever he wants a change of scene.

For anyone considering enrolling in the program, Luca assures them that they will get the right mix of knowledge and skills. “The Master in Talent Development & Human Resources provides a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application of concepts to real-world problems.” Plus, as the program is taught by recognized professionals in their respective fields, students receive valuable insights and guidance that will equip them for a bright future in the sector.