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Research programs


Future of Europe

This research program produces forward-looking analysis and aims to contribute to a better understanding of the evaluation of the politics, economics, and security of Europe and its role in the world.

Transatlantic Relations in a Changing World

This research program aims to understand the different dynamics of transatlantic relations in an ever-changing international environment. The core of the research is centered around the European Union’s relations with the United States of America, while taking into consideration the great power competition.
Research - Bridging the South(s)

Bridging the South(s)

This research program aims to demystify the concept of “Global South” and increase knowledge about specific countries. It is an inter-continental research program with a holistic approach to politics, economics, and questions of international alignment.
Observatory on LA Politics

Rethinking Global Governance

This research program aims to take stock of the recent developments in multilateral collaboration and analyse the prospects for reforming and reimagining global governance. How to better manage global interdependences is at the core of the research line.


latam (1)

Observatory on Latin American Politics and Economics

This Observatory follows the latest developments when it comes to Latin American Politics and Economics and opens up an inclusive conversation about the most important aspects.