Ethics and integrity | IE Ethics Code

Ethics and integrity

The IE Community and its Commitment to Ethics and Integrity in the World of Professionals

The IE Community is dedicated to the promotion of ethics and integrity in the world of professionals. Professional ethics and integrity therefore form the very core of this Community. Fairness, honesty, and respect for others are not just virtues; they are what each member of the IE Community can rightly expect from their peers.

Globalization and technological progress have made the world smaller. More easily than ever before, people from different countries and cultures can work and study together, enriching the experience of everyone. IE views diversity as a fundamental strength and driver of innovation. The IE Community therefore seeks to promote diversity in every possible way – diversity of opinions, backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, ethnicity, religious beliefs, professional and personal experiences, as well as equality of gender. We strive for an environment that celebrates and fosters diversity, in which Community members can freely express themselves without constraints imposed by dogma or dictum.

Globalization has also made us more aware of environmental degradation and the frailty of our planet. Promoting business that is environmentally sustainable and that operates in harmony with surrounding nature and communities has therefore become a core objective of IE.

As an academic institution, IE has three core pillars: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Global Vision, and Social Responsibility. As a community of students, professors, management staff, and alumni, we are defined by a core set of values and goals:

• To promote business that enhances progress and well-being;

• To act fairly, honestly, and with respect for others;

• To create value through entrepreneurship and other business activities;

• To create and maintain an environment for the free exchange of ideas;

• To celebrate diversity and global understanding;

• To respect academic freedom in the classroom;

• To uphold academic honesty and integrity;

• To promote sustainable development and the preservation of natural resources;

• To recognize that people are the foremost asset of any community, including business and organizations.

All of our activities are influenced by these values. They feature prominently in the design of academic modules, assignments, extracurricular activities, and events.