Education and Entrepreneurship Initiatives These initiatives centered around the advancement of higher education and business development, promote values like innovation and transformation.

Education and Entrepreneurship

Education Initiatives

In today’s dynamic and constantly changing world, education has become a driver of innovation and development. The IE Foundation works to promote intellectual curiosity and learning through initiatives focused on the most cutting-edge techniques in education.



This conference, an IE University initiative in collaboration with the IE Foundation, is organized as a way for educators, entrepreneurs, students and political actors involved in education to come together and reflect upon the current state of higher education and the challenges and impact the sector will face in the future.

IE Enlighted

EnlightED Reinventing Education in the Digital World

EnlightED is an international conference that brings together experts in education, technology and innovation to fuel debate on education in the digital era. Telefónica Foundation and IE University are co-organizing the event which is set to take place on October 3 – 5 in Madrid as part of South Summit 2018.

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IE Rockets | IE Foundation


An initiative designed to rapidly build the capabilities and brand of startups in the higher education sector, helping entrepreneurs penetrate the market quicker and making it easier for them to raise capital.

Promoting entrepreneurial spirit

Being an entrepreneur means taking advantage of opportunities, learning from mistakes and starting ventures that make an impact and leave their mark on the world.

Entrepreneurship Initiatives

Entrepreneurship is one of IE’s fundamental values. Because of that, we work to promote innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit by supporting initiatives that drive business development and economic growth.
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South Summit

This event promotes business development, exposing the talent and business opportunities presented by startups from the south of Europe, the Mediterranean and Latin America.