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IE Center for c-centricity organizes a discussion forum led by Scott Anthony, senior partner at Innosight

IE Center for c-centricity organizes a discussion forum led by Scott Anthony | IE Foundation

Discussion Forum on how Clayton M. Christensen’s “Jobs-to-be-done" theory can be applied in times of Covid-19.

On April 29th, IE Center for C-Centricity, through IE Foundation, held a virtual event with its corporate members and one global thinker as main speaker, Scott Anthony.

The center organizes private sessions with its corporate members called Discussion Forums. These sessions are designed as an opportunity to be exposed to the latest and / or most provocative thinking in the space of customer centricity and growth from top thinkers.

In this case, Scott Anthony is a senior partner of a management consulting firm specializing in business growth strategy, Innosight, and one of Harvard Business Review’s most prolific contributors.

Scott is one of the global leaders with deep experience in applying Clayton M. Christensen’s “jobs-to-be-done” theory. This concept is a novel starting point towards innovation. It consists on identifying “the problem that a person is trying to solve in a particular circumstance; The job has FUNCTIONAL, SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL dimensions and captures stakeholders’ DEFINITIONS OF QUALITY.”

This session counted with the participation of seventy professionals including CEO’s, CMO’s, business strategists, customer experience managers and brand managers in order to reflect on customers’ needs and provide them with an innovative solution that brings satisfaction. This session focused on how this theory may inspire companies to think and act differently in times of dislocation –for instance, the COVID-19 crisis – as innovation and opportunities to grow arise in tough times.