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A special hybrid event about trust and leadership in VUCA times was recently hosted by IE Foundation for its Fellows at IE University campus.

The event counted on top-level speakers, including two key representatives of  IE University –Juliana Naranjo Pereira, Chief of IE Campus Life, and Cristina Santos Echevarría, Head of Financial Aid & Student Services-, who emphasized concepts such as reliance, family, community, and purpose.

“Covid-19 has strengthened our sense of purpose as we are facing a global challenge. Now, more than ever, our society needs leaders who can innovate and face the challenge we have” declared Cristina Santos Echevarría.

Moreover, Julian Naranjo Pereira stated, “it is important to engage with all the people around us and to give back to the community. People might forget what you say, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. Even in the slightest things or in the smallest gesture, something that for you means nothing could mean the world for somebody else”.

The event also included an inspirational master class by Balvinder Singh Powar, Professor at IE University and Managing Director and CCO of Spain BOOSTER Space Industries. During his presentation, Prof. Balvinder reflected on the importance of seeing the bright side in tough times, trusting and being empathetic to one another.

 “How can you help? You can help by listening, understanding, and finding solutions. Leaders are and will be in a position where they may affect many people’s lives. Hence, they have the responsibility to decide what to do with that leadership.”

Balvinder Singh Powar


After his words, the attending IE Foundation Fellows -both in-person and online- opened up to the rest of the participants about their personal stories and shared exceptional examples of courage, empathy, resilience, and leadership.

To sum up, it was a touching event where both students and staff had the chance to learn more about what does being an IE Foundation Fellow means and how their belonging to this group of talented scholars can help their communities and provide positive and sustainable leadership in times of change.