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IE Foundation holds a welcome event with the IE Foundation Fellows


IE Foundation recently hosted the IE Foundation Fellows welcome event, giving members the chance to get acquainted and learn from presentations while getting to know IE Foundation itself.

The IE Foundation Fellows program is an honors program comprising a select group of past, present and future IE scholarship recipients who have an extraordinary academic and extracurricular profile. This initiative aims to establish long-standing relationships with IE Foundation by promoting the culture of giving back.

Gonzalo Garland, Executive Vice President of IE Foundation, led the event. After opening it up with a warm welcome to the IE Foundation Fellows, he explained more about the Foundation and the value of being part of this select group of students.

Guests of honor included two key representatives from IE University: Cristina Santos, Director of Financial Aid and Student Services, and Juliana Pereira, Chief of Campus Life. Geoffroy Gérard, General Director of IE Foundation, acted as the moderator.

This special event saw participation from fellows from both undergraduate and master’s programs who attended either in person or virtually. There were several moving speeches about hard work, achievements, and above all,  about what the future holds.

María José Jaramillo is pursuing a Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations thanks to the support she’s gotten from the  Young Talented Leaders Scholarship sponsored by Cubico and Celsia.  She expressed her gratitude and her commitment to positively impact the IE community:

“I hope to contribute to the IE community through my participation in different activities in order to become a great leader in an organization, and to impact not only my academic and professional environments but also the people that surround me.”

María José Jaramillo
Cubico-Celsia Young Talented Leaders scholarship recipient

Last year, Matthew Nyanplu got the Kistefos Young Talented Leaders Scholarship to pursue the Master in International Development at IE School of Global and Public Affairs. A native of Liberia, he is currently studying at Johns Hopkins University. During the event, Matthew sent an emotional message to his peers on responsibility:

“The experience I had at IE was transformative and extraordinary. The scholarship involves responsibility that goes beyond ourselves—it’s an extension of IE Foundation’s hand to millions of people. After completing your studies, I want you to reorient your minds and provide the impact that IE Foundation once provided you.”

Matthew Nyanplu
Kistefos Young Talented Leaders scholarship recipient

This was the first in a series of events in which IE Foundation and IE Foundation Fellows will have the opportunity to bond and plan projects designed to inspire positive change on both a local and international scale.