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IE University, Senior Economy Forum and Caixa Bank discussion on the II Senior Economics Encounter


The Senior economy is accompanied by a tremendous economic opportunity of added value.

IE University hosted a brief session with Senior Economy Forum to anticipate the context and the main topics that will be discussed during the II Senior Economics Encounter on the 30th and 31st of October.

With the moderation of Manuel Campo Vidal, the roundtable was formed by Benigno Lacort, CEO Senior Economy Forum; Rafel Puyol, Creator of the IE Foundation’s Demographic and Generational Diversity Observatory; Beatriz Dorado, Senior Family Manager at Caixa Bank and Carlos Mas, Vice President of the IE Foundation.

On the one hand, the combination of a low birth rate with an ageing population and an increased life expectancy is creating an ever-narrowing base in the job pyramid. Therefore, there is a need to cover the youth deficit of the active population. On the other, people over 65 years (19% of the Spanish population) receive an average pension of 1,183 euros per month. Hence, there is an increasing need to seek alternatives to complement these incomes during a new life cycle that can last up to 30 years.

It is a fact that we are facing a demographic and technological challenge. In this context, investing in education is presented as a lever that will enable companies and organizations to adapt to new scenarios and turn them into a source of wealth and social well-being.

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