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On June 29th, it took place the first virtual Reinventing Higher Education conference. Launched in 2010 at IE University, Reinventing Higher Education is a forum organized in collaboration with the IE Foundation. The underlying aim of the conference is to provide a space where university administrators, policy makers, entrepreneurs and top managers, academics, student representatives and media experts can meet to discuss the current status and future evolution of Higher Education (HE), and debate the direction research, learning, governance and management of universities should now take.

This year, the theme for the conference has been Mobility In Higher Education As A Catalyst For Resilience And Renewal which counted with the participation of key speakers such as Fadlo R. Khuri, President, American University of Beirut (Lebanon);  Ignacio Sánchez Díaz, Rector at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC)  (Chile);  Lily Kong, President at Singapore Management University (Singapore); Peter Mathieson, President at The University of Edinburgh, (United Kingdom) or Julio Frenk, President at University of Miami (EEUU)

The conference addressed key questions on the future of the higher education ecosystem, especially after Covid-19 as cross-border mobility will be impacted in this new paradigm. Nevertheless, COVID-19 also offers a chance to reboot and reshape academic mobility, making it more inclusive and more environmentally sustainable.

Cross-border knowledge sharing and mobility are at the core of higher education institutions and must be preserved. Universities must work together alongside public administrations to ensure this is accomplished. For this reason, thirty-three top universities from all over the world such as Harvard University or London School of Economics & Political Science signed a shared vision as a proof of this commitment.


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