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Thanks to the support from Kistefos, FRV, Celsia, and Cubico, promising talent has access to scholarship opportunities that lead to real impact


The Kistefos Young Talented Leaders Scholarship was created to remove financial barriers to education for high-potential individuals in Norway and some countries from Africa, allowing them to further their innovative business goals. The scholarships are funded by Christen Sveaas of Kistefos AS, an investment company with a rich history in searching for philanthropic projects committed to public service and academic development.

Through this generous donation, students with high academic potential have received financial support to continue their studies at IE University. Since 2019,  two scholarships have been awarded for undergraduate studies at IE University in Madrid and 17 scholarships for graduate studies—11 African students from Ethiopia, Liberia, and South Africa, and six Norwegian students. The program is founded on the conviction that talented individuals should have access to education, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, seven African students from select countries and eight Norwegians are expected to complete their master’s degrees in Madrid thanks to the scholarship.

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Cubico-Celsia Scholarship:

The Young Talented Leaders Cubico-Celsia Scholarship supports Colombian students pursuing their undergraduate studies at IE University. The scholarship awards students with an excellent academic record, who have shown a deep commitment to their education and a strong desire to achieve personal growth through a unique experience.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Cubico and Celsia, we have awarded a second scholarship to study in Spain. Cubico and Celsia, two of Colombia’s major photovoltaic companies, pride themselves on leveraging innovation to make a global impact.

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The Young Talented Leaders FRV Scholarship is awarded to a student in one of the communities where FRV has an ongoing photovoltaic project. The profile of this student is one with an excellent academic record but extremely limited financial resources. Through this scholarship, FRV hopes to extend the social impact of its project by promoting educational development in the region.

The first scholarship was awarded to an Uruguayan student in 2015. Since then, FRV has awarded five scholarships to students from countries like Jordan, Mexico, and Spain. For the 2021 academic year, the IE Foundation will grant two new scholarships for Spain and one for Armenia in order to extend its global reach.