Empowering talent Our commitment to supporting talented individuals is evidenced by our work with Alumni, scholarships and experiential learning.


Helping the best to reach their potential

At IE we believe that each individual deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. We work to eliminate economic barriers to education and to offer resources to projects that add value to the academic community and to society as a whole.

Our efforts to empower talent focus on three main areas:

  • Scholarship program: We offer financial support to talented students in every stage of their IE educational experience, from their undergraduate studies, to their masters, doctorates and research initiatives.
  • Experiential learning: We promote learning and innovation initiatives through real and practical experiences for all IE students at both IE and Spanish and international companies.
  • IE for Life: We support the ongoing success and talent development of our recent graduates by offering exclusive services through the Alumni Plus Program within their first two years after graduation.


Experiential Learning


IEU Labs

IE University students have the opportunity to work on real-world business projects, gaining experience that allows them to excel when entering the professional world.


MBA Labs

MBA students have the opportunity to shape and drive their professional careers through entrepreneurial and social impact projects and while working with the most cutting-edge, innovative tech.

IE Diversity lab

Diversity Lab

In collaboration with the IE Foundation, this lab is designed to promote an understanding of diversity and innovation in order to have a positive impact on businesses.

IE For Life

IE Foundation supports the IE Alumni community in its ongoing success and talent development. It does so through the Alumni Plus Program: exclusive services offered to alumni within their first two years of graduating.

IE for Life