Empowering talent Our commitment to supporting talented individuals is evidenced by our work: fostering future leaders through scholarships and initiatives, and supporting the development of the IE Alumni Community


Access to education for outstanding talent

At IE we believe that each individual deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. We work to eliminate economic barriers to education and to offer resources to projects that add value to the academic community and to society as a whole.

Our efforts to empower talent focus on three main areas:

  • Scholarship programs: We offer financial support to talented students in every stage of their IE educational experience, from their undergraduate studies, to their masters, doctorates and research initiatives.
  • IE Foundation Fellows: We draw the best candidates to join the program from a large pool of talented and highly qualified aspirants worldwide to form a community of past and present scholarship recipients.
  • IE for Life: We support the success and ongoing talent development of the IE Alumni Community through initiatives and activities that foster a positive global impact.

A Journey of Impact - Talent Development

IE Foundation, thanks to its donors, contributes to social development for a better tomorrow. Embarking in a Journey for Impact through three main pillars, Talent Development has always been part of IE Foundation's core.


IE Foundation lives by its deeply held commitment to the power of “Talent Taking Care of Talent.” It has in its DNA to take different actions to help outstanding talent overcome financial barriers to access higher education and reach their full potential. Thanks to the support of our donors and the entire IE community, IE Foundation is able to make a positive impact and foster talent worldwide.


EDEN Fund is a student-run endowment fund empowered by IE University, in collaboration with IE Foundation. This initiative offers enthusiastic students with genuine and practical experience in finance and contributes to the already active  IE General Scholarship Fund by redirecting its returns to a higher purpose.

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Illuminated Bricks Recognition

This initiative has been jointly developed by IE Foundation and IE Global Alumni Relations to increase donations towards the IE General Scholarship Fund. In recognition for empowering the future generations of talent, donors will receive one of 62 limited-edition bricks in their honor, located on the panoramic terraces of the IE Tower

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IE For Life

IE Foundation supports the IE Alumni community in its ongoing success and talent development. It empowers a lifelong network of support by providing funds towards a well-rounded experience for students and alumni.

Contributions to IE Foundation enable access to a comprehensive suite of learning resources from the Guillermo and Michèle de la Dehesa Library and give forward to all our IE Alumni community through exclusive training, career, and networking resources.

IE for Life