Guillermo & Michèle de la Dehesa Library Discover a research and learning center for the exchange of knowledge.

Academic resources and innovative technology

The IE Foundation is deeply committed to supporting the Guillermo & Michèle de la Dehesa Library, whose work encompasses all of the aims and principles of the Foundation.

Guillermo & Michèle de la Dehesa Library is committed to liquid learning, granting access to the most cutting-edge tools and services for the best digital learning experience.

The library is open to all members of the IE Community, as well as to researchers from other institutions, thanks to its interlibrary loan program. Offering personalized service both on-site (with locations in Madrid and Segovia) and remotely (through the Virtual Library), the library provides the academic community with the most innovative resources and materials in research and education.

Guillermo de la Dehesa

The IE Foundation received a generous donation from Guillermo de la Dehesa and his wife, Michèle Barbé, of a total of 20,000 books for the IE University Library. Thanks to this contribution, the IE University Library will expand its content with specialized collections and works on disciplines including economics, finance, business management and administration, humanities, and art, among others.

In recognition of this extraordinary contribution to research and education, as well as Guillermo de la Dehesa’s dedication to IE University, the IE University Library is currently  known as the Guillermo & Michèle de la Dehesa Library

Guillermo de la Dehesa has had a brilliant and extensive career internationally, in private corporations, public institutions, non-profit organizations, and academia. Guillermo de la Dehesa has also been Chairman of the International Advisory Board of IE University since 2002, and Trustee of the IE Foundation. He has published, as author or co-author, almost 100 books and over 300 articles in national and international publications.

Innovative applications like Qubits or DiY IEU Library APP make using our services more comfortable.

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Our innovative virtual library allows you to access the library’s catalogue at all times, wherever you are.

Our community has access a variety of resources including databases, ebooks and academic journals.


International reach

The Guillermo & Michèle de la Dehesa Library participates in projects and events throughout the world in order to stay at the cutting-edge of the latest advances in the sector and to bring IE’s vision across borders.

Supporting education and research

The Guillermo & Michèle de la Dehesa Library offers our community access to academic materials and advanced technology. It also hosts and participates in many educational and informational events.

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