IE Foundation Fellows Program Empowering future generations of IE talent


The IE Foundation Fellows Program consists of an Honors program that brings together a selected group of past and present IE University students with extraordinary academic and extracurricular profiles and who have received one of our scholarships.

At IE Foundation we live by our deeply held commitment to the power of ‘Talent Taking Care of Talent’.

We believe that we all deserve the opportunity to achieve our full potential and we work to eliminate economic barriers to education and to offer resources to projects that add value to the academic community and to society as a whole. For this reason, we dedicate a significant part of the donations generously made by students, alumni, parents, corporate partners and other benefactors, to award scholarships to the most qualified and gifted candidates through a rigorous selection process.

We select our IE Foundation Fellows with the utmost care and rigor based on their outstanding academic, professional and personal achievements.

We draw the best candidates to join the program from a large pool of talented and highly qualified aspirants worldwide to form a group of past and present scholarship recipients. Of all the talented students who receive an IE Foundation scholarship every year, only a 20% are chosen to become members of this unique and exclusive community of IE Foundation Fellows that connects the future leaders and change-makers.


Life as an IE Foundation Fellow acts as a catalyst for becoming a successful change agent.
Our Fellows enjoy access to unique networking opportunities through activities and events organized by IE Foundation and IE University. In this way, they forge exclusive and lasting relationships with their peers, teachers, sponsors and partners.

"Receiving this scholarship has completely changed my life prospects. I made my application thinking of it like a dream, but against all odds, the dream came true. IE Foundation and FRV made it possible for me, and now the IE Foundation Fellows accept me as a member of their community full of fascinating stories."
"As an IE Foundation Fellow, I can say that the thing I value the most is the people. Being a part of this community has allowed me to connect with individuals from all over the world and learn about their stories. It has been incredibly inspiring to hear about their experiences, passions, and what they hope to achieve. The sense of community and shared purpose that I feel as an IE Foundation Fellow is truly special, and I feel so lucky to be a part of it."
"As an IE Foundation Fellow, I have nurtured my leadership skills significantly through exclusive hands-on networking or training events with great leaders in the field. I encourage you to strive for this scholarship since you will never regret investing time and efforts in this venture."
"IE Foundation has made a big difference by allowing me to connect with a community full of people with enormous talent and a bright future with whom I can share experiences, as well as with incredible mentors and renowned professionals from the business world, which is a real privilege and a unique opportunity. All of this in addition to enjoying a wide variety of events, not only oriented towards networking but also of a cultural nature, with which my experience at IE has been significantly enriched. "
"As an IE fellow, I am presented with a valuable opportunity that allows me to surpass my limitations every day. The progress I have made is immeasurable, and I am eager to see how far I can go with this opportunity."
"It is thanks to the generosity of IE Foundation and its donors that I am able to study at IE University in the first place. Receiving my scholarship offer was one of the happiest and most life-changing moments in my life, and I am extremely grateful for it. I am thoroughly enjoying my dual degree at IE University, and even during my studies, IE Foundation is still making a difference in my university experience. I am a part of the IE Foundation Fellows Program, and there I have had the chance to meet the other fellows, many of whom I have become very close to and would consider them a true family, which I can rely on, and whom I can grow together with."
"As an IE Foundation Fellow, I hold the opportunities for growth in the highest esteem. An exceptional aspect about being an IE Fellow that is worth mentioning for me is the exposure to a diverse community through events organized for IE fellows. These events help me to get involved with other Fellows and the wider IE community. Networking with others who share similar interests and goals is a valuable source of support and inspiration for me."



January 2024

 IE Foundation Fellows from Madrid and Segovia campuses met at the Segovia IE campus to kick off the new year together. It was a gathering for networking, catching up, and enjoying each other’s company. The event aimed to strengthen bonds between fellows from both campuses and set a positive tone for the year ahead. 


December 2023

The IE Foundation Fellows came together at the IE Tower for a festive event, highlighted by a captivating musical performance from talented Fellows. The event was the perfect occasion to bond and catch up before the winter break.


Exploring 'The Five Senses' at the Museo Nacional del Prado

November 2023

Our IE Foundation Fellows  had the opportunity to immerse themselves into “Los Cinco Sentidos”  exhibition at Museo Nacional  del Prado, exploring all 5 senses through the work  of Brughel el Viejo.

Hack your Creative Mind Workshop

October 2023

Kim Siew’s recent  workshop empowered IE Foundation Fellows to overcome creative hurdles, fostering curiosity and resilience. This transformative event left the students inspired and ready to embrace their creative potential.

Altar de Muertos in Fundación Casa de México in Spain

October 2023 

The IE Foundation Fellows attended the sixth edition of the iconic Altar de Muertos  at the Fundación  Casa de México in Spain. This paid tribute to 30 exceptional women who have shone brightly in Mexican history in various fields such as history, visual and performing arts, journalism, literature, politics, social activism, music, and science.



October 2023

The IE Tower hosted a special Welcome Session for new IE Foundatoin Fellows, featuring inspiring talks from prominent IE alumni and encouraging the pursuit of professional goals.



June 2023

A special event to honor the IE Foundation Fellows graduating in July 2023.

Spanish Masterpieces from The Frick Collection

June 2023

IE Foundation Fellows had the pleasure of immersing themselves in an afternoon filled with art and culture during an exclusive guided visit to the exhibition “Spanish Masterpieces from The Frick Collection” at Museo Nacional del Prado.

Well-being and Nature Day

April 2023

IE Foundation Fellows came together in Segovia to celebrate the “Well-being and Nature Day”, an occasion for them to slow down, disconnect from their busy schedules, and immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world around them.

Metamorfosis del ser

April 2023

IE Foundation Fellows had the privilege of participating in a guided visit to the “Metamorfosis del ser” exhibition at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, which showcased an exceptional collection of art depicting the human head in West and Central African art.

Casa de México: Luchadoras, mujeres en la colección del MUAC

March 2023

In collaboration with Casa de México, IE Foundation organized a visit for IE Foundation Fellows to the exhibition “Casa de México: Luchadoras, mujeres en la colección del MUAC” exhibition, which showcased the amazing work of female artists.

Winter Gathering 2022

December 2022

IE Foundation organized a Winter gathering to bring together all IE Foundation Fellows in order to celebrate the milestones and achievements of the year.