IE Foundation Fellows Program Empowering future generations of IE talent

At IE Foundation we live by our deeply held commitment to the power of “Talent Taking Care of Talent”. 
As a fellowship of Donors, we believe in our IE Foundation Fellows and in the transformational role that education will play in their future.

Thanks to students, alumni, parents, corporate partners and other benefactors, whose donations allow us to award these and other scholarships, we are able to empower talent.

We believe that each individual deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.

We work to eliminate economic barriers to education and to offer resources to projects that add value to the academic community and to society as a whole.

In this spirit we select our IE Foundation Fellows with the utmost care and rigor based on their outstanding academic, professional, and personal achievements. We draw the best candidates to join the program from a large pool of talented and highly qualified aspirants worldwide to form a group of past, present and future scholarship recipients.

We count on our Fellows to become committed IE ambassadors and mentors, always highly motivated to make a positive impact on our community, first as students, and later as members of the alumni community.


Life as an IE Foundation Fellow acts as a catalyst for becoming a successful change agent.
Our Fellows receive dedicated guidance by the directors of IE Foundation while enjoying access to unique networking opportunities through activities and events organized by IE Foundation and IE University. In this way, they forge exclusive and lasting relationships with their peers, teachers, sponsors and partners.
They can be provided on-demand counseling at IE, and unlimited access to the IE Library extensive collection both, during and after the Program.

Your Contribution

Both during and after your program, we will call on you to volunteer at key IE Events to help us create greater awareness of our Foundation and will ask you to help guide new students in their experience at our Madrid and Segovia Campuses.

After your graduation, we hope you will join our community of donors and extend to others the generosity you received. Your contribution will help us empower future generations of IE talent who need your support.
"The scholarship was an unimaginable catalyst for my academic and personal growth. It meant both a huge recognition for my hard work and an enabler to dream bigger, to strive."
"I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to live a normal student life at a high-caliber institution, something that absolutely would not have been possible without this scholarship."
"Receiving the IE Foundation’s support, including the PhD scholarship, is an honor. It recognizes my past achievements and supports what I can achieve in the future."
"This scholarship has increased my appetite to learn and to learn in new ways, which is something I value highly."
"Studying at IE is an investment in your life, and the Kistefos Scholarship provides you with the opportunity to do so!"
"The IE experience is unique because it is very challenging, but it makes one stronger, academically and professionally."