IE Foundation Fellows Program Empowering future generations of IE talent


The IE Foundation Fellows Program consists of an Honors program that brings together a selected group of past and present IE University students with extraordinary academic and extracurricular profiles and who have received one of our scholarships.

At IE Foundation we live by our deeply held commitment to the power of ‘Talent Taking Care of Talent’.

We believe that we all deserve the opportunity to achieve our full potential and we work to eliminate economic barriers to education and to offer resources to projects that add value to the academic community and to society as a whole. For this reason, we dedicate a significant part of the donations generously made by students, alumni, parents, corporate partners and other benefactors, to award scholarships to the most qualified and gifted candidates through a rigorous selection process.

We select our IE Foundation Fellows with the utmost care and rigor based on their outstanding academic, professional and personal achievements.

We draw the best candidates to join the program from a large pool of talented and highly qualified aspirants worldwide to form a group of past and present scholarship recipients. Of all the talented students who receive an IE Foundation scholarship every year, only a 12% are chosen to become members of this unique and exclusive community of IE Foundation Fellows that connects the future leaders and change-makers.


Life as an IE Foundation Fellow acts as a catalyst for becoming a successful change agent.
Our Fellows receive dedicated guidance by the directors of IE Foundation while enjoying access to unique networking opportunities through activities and events organized by IE Foundation and IE University.
In this way, they forge exclusive and lasting relationships with their peers, teachers, sponsors and partners.

"To be part of a program that draws students from different backgrounds and identities is particularly appealing to me. I had the opportunity to share my ideas, listen to others and challenge my unconscious biases that stem from my Middle Eastern background in order to become a better human. Having witnessed the toll that hardships could have on students, I am determined to pass on any aid I receive onto younger generations"
"As an IE Foundation Fellow, I believe in the power of giving back, and I hope in the future I will be able to impact the IE Community by creating my own business and offering scholarships, internships, projects and employment to IE students, because I believe in the essence of IE Foundation: Talent Taking Care of Talent"
"As an IE Foundation Fellow, I have nurtured my leadership skills significantly through exclusive hands-on networking or training events with great leaders in the field. I encourage you to strive for this scholarship since you will never regret investing time and efforts in this venture"
"Thanks to IE University’s multinational student body I have received a lot of insights and perspectives from IE Fellow Foundation students. An important personal take-away that I learned from the cases I studied and from interactions with peers and professors is that your drive can make you achieve goals"
"I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to live a normal student life at a high-caliber institution, something that absolutely would not have been possible without this scholarship"
"Studying at IE is an investment in your life, and the Kistefos Scholarship provides you with the opportunity to do so!"
"The IE experience is unique because it is very challenging, but it makes one stronger, academically and professionally"


Graduation Ceremony - Academic year 2021-2022

June 2022

A special event to honor the IE Foundation Fellows graduating in July 2022.

Los Young Talented Leaders se reúnen con Casa de México, FRV, Kistefos y Cúbico

Closing Ceremony - Academic year 2021-2022

May 2022

The IE Foundation Fellows came together to celebrate the closure of the academic year in a small and exclusive networking event, where fellows and peers discussed learning experiences and shared values from the past year.


February 2022

IE Foundation Fellows community welcomed the Fellows with intake in January 2022 with a dedicated event on personal branding in professional social media.

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The IE Foundation fellows community keeps growing

Winter Gathering

December 2021

IE Foundation organized a winter gathering to bring together all IE Foundation Fellows in order to celebrate the milestones and achievements of the year.


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Welcome Event and Opening of the Academic Year 2021/22

October 2021

The Foundation organized this event to welcome the students beginning their journey at IE University and kicking off the Academic Year together.

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Closing Ceremony- Academic Year 2020-2021 | IE Foundation Fellows Program

Closing Ceremony- Academic Year 2020-2021

June 2021

IE Foundation organized this event to honor the students who graduated in July 2021.