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The IE Foundation shares its commitment to talent with the business world. IE corporate scholarships offer companies an effective way to help promising students by providing them with the best educational opportunities at an institution committed to innovation and excellence.


Thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners, bright young people from developing countries and around the world can access these scholarships and reach their full potential. Scholarships are granted to students who stand out both academically and in extracurricular activities.

Santander Tech Revolution in Finance – IE University Scholarship


This scholarships program has been developed with the objective to train young people with STEM profiles (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) so that they develop new skills and learn tools to work with financial business models, as well as the driving forces behind banking innovation.

Santander IE Tech4Law Scholarship

Santander IE Tech4Law Scholarships

The Santander IE Tech4Law Scholarship Program has been created to offer exceptional training opportunities for the lawyers and legal professionals of the future to develop their digital and technological skills, while equipping them with the legal tech knowledge needed to enhance their employability.

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Santander IE-Digital DNA Scholarships | IE Foundation


Framed Within Santander Scholarships | Digital Skills, this is the first collaborative initiative between Santander Universities and the IE Foundation, in which 100 university students will be able to apply for a Santander Scholarship to enrol in the Santander IE-Digital DNA program. This is a pioneering program on digital skill sets to enhance the employability and digital capabilities of university students.

Kistefos Young Talented Leaders Scholarship | IE Foundation

Kistefos Young Talented Leaders Scholarship

The Kistefos Young Talented Leaders Scholarship at IE was set up thanks to the generosity of Kistefos AS and its founder Christen Sveeas. With the aim of breaking financial barriers to higher education for students from Norway, Ethiopia, Liberia and South Africa, this scholarship is the most recent instalment in IE Foundation’s Talent Without Borders program.

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IE Corp Scholarship frv

IE Foundation and Fotowatio Renewable Ventures

These Young Talented Leaders scholarships are created in collaboration with Fotowatio Renewable Ventures and are available to students who stand out in the operating areas of the company throughout their undergraduate degree programs.

IE Corp Scholarships Spanish Students

IE Foundation and Philyra

These Young Talented Leaders scholarships are aimed at young Spanish students who demonstrate talent throughout their undergraduate degree program. They are offered in collaboration with Philyra.

IE Foundation and AJEGROUP | IE Foundation

IE Foundation and AJEGROUP

The IE Foundation works with AJEGROUP, a multinational beverage manufacturer, to support talented individuals from Thailand and Indonesia. It is awarded to students who stand out in all areas—both in their academic pursuits and their extracurricular activities.


Talent Without Borders Initiative.

At IE we believe in diversity, entrepreneurship, academic excellence and the humanities to drive innovation and to prepare future leaders ready to make an impact.

Starting in 2018-2019, and continuing forward, the IE Foundation will dedicate an important part of its annual scholarship fund to empower the Talent Without Borders initiative. As part of our commitment to becoming a truly diverse and global institution, we enable top talent from around the world.

Leveraging our fast growing alumni network in Africa, as well as partnerships with private, public and non-profit organizations, the Africa at IE initiative works to support financial inclusion, entrepreneurship and social innovation in Africa.

Through this initiative, the IE Foundation is exploring strategic partnerships with institutions willing to participate in 1:1 matching scholarship schemes for the development of diverse talent on campus, to empower developing regions, to give access to minorities who might still find obstacles to studying at IE and to promote diversity of knowledge and cultures in our community.

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