Santander IE Tech4Law Scholarship Program

Santander and IE Foundation launch 100 online scholarships to train tomorrow’s top digital law talent.

The Santander IE Tech4Law Scholarship Program has been created to offer exceptional training opportunities for the lawyers and legal professionals of the future to develop their digital and technological skills, while equipping them with the legal tech knowledge needed to enhance their employability.


Who is this scholarship for?

This training program is aimed at final-year law students and young legal professionals in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingon or the United States of America who have graduated within the last four years. It has been designed in collaboration with Santander’s Legal Department, Santander Universities and IE Law School.

Why the Santander IE Tech4Law Scholarship Program?

The 100 successful candidates will have the chance to complete the Legal Tech High-Impact Online Course. This 100% online five-week training program has been designed in collaboration with Santander’s Legal Department and IE Law School, with the support of Santander Universities and IE Exponential Learning, to meet the needs of digital companies and those currently undergoing digital transformation.

The top 10 students in the program will be entered into a selection process to complete an internship at Santander’s Legal Department and will have the possibility of becoming a permanent member of its team.

In addition, IE Foundation and IE Law School will be offering a scholarship for IE University’s Master in Legal Tech to one of the top students in the program, in accordance with the master program’s admission requirements and the criteria of the IE Foundation’s scholarship committee. This cutting-edge 10-month master’s program—taught both in person and online—includes immersion experiences in Madrid, Silicon Valley and Israel.

Registration is now open and candidates have until June 15, 2020 to enroll

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