Santander Tech Revolution in Finance – IE University Scholarship

IE Foundation, together with Santander Universidades, launches 100 online scholarships to bring students and young professionals with STEM profiles closer to the potential of the financial environment in a digital world.

The Santander Tech Revolution in Finance – IE University scholarships program has been developed with the objective to trainyoung people with STEM profiles (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) so that they develop new skills and learn tools to work with financial business models, as well as the driving forces behind banking innovation.

Who is this scholarship for?

This program is aimed at Young people aged 20 to 28, either students in their last 2 years of Degree in any STEM field or young professionals from these same fields who have up to 3 years of working experience; and that are studying/have studied in one of the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, or USA.

Why the Santander Tech Revolution in Finance - IE University?

The 100 selected participants will take the High Impact Online Program (HIOP) Tech Revolution in Finance, a 5-weeks English only online course that has been developed by IE Human Sciences and Technology School Professors, with the backing of Santander Universidades and IE Exponential Learning, to meet the needs of the financial sector regarding digital environments and technological transformation.

In this course, participants will be able to learn –throughout life sessions, group projects, videos and assignments– many different concepts, from the evolution of digital payment or capital market and their relationship with big data, to AI applied to finance and the management of investments through algorithms and cloud computing.

In addition, participants with the best performances in this program will be able to enter a selection process to become an intern at Santander Bank and will have the chance to join the team.

The call for applications is now open until September 23rd, 2020

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