Pass It On


Pass It On was created in order to highlight the uniqueness of every woman. The project serves as a special stage for all the women of the IE Community to leave their own personal legacy, as well as a space where others can discover those legacies and share them.

Everyone has the capacity to pass on a positive legacy. To have a positive impact. To empower others. This is how we can truly create long-lasting inspiration for the women who have made, and will continue to make, IE such a diverse place.


In the 2020 edition of Pass It On, we inaugurate IE Women’s Week – a series of events lasting 5 days across our Madrid and Segovia campus, featuring exhibition tours, talks, roundtables, panels and much more!

This year, women at IE focus on our belief in the value of uniqueness and celebrating our differences, because the fusion of cultures and people from around the world is a defining factor in how we as a community enrich our society.

No matter who you are, or where you are, you are a change-maker, and together we transform the world.

Pass it on 2019

In this new edition of IE International Women’s Day, we celebrate the contributions both men and women have shared towards the creation of a new paradigm and the legacy we’re going to leave behind. Because change comes from her. And him. And you. Pass it on.
In order to expand and instill the message of Pass It On across generations and genders, we encouraged members of our community to contemplate two key questions. "Who is a person that inspired you in life?" and "Who would you thank for helping you get to where you are professionally?" We asked these questions to highlight the fact that men and women can both inspire and empower one another, and through their collaboration, we strive to achieve a new paradigm.
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Pass It On 2018

In the first phase of the Pass It On project, we wanted to convey a message of inspiration across generations and between women at IE and beyond. Our 2018 project celebrated the uniqueness of every woman, highlighting her strength, independence, and perseverance with the aim of empowering those who follow in our footsteps.
All those collaborating on this project were asked to contemplate two inspirational questions, “With what you know now, what advice would you Pass On to yourself 10 years ago?” and “What Kind of Legacy are you Leaving the World?” Through these responses, discover the footprint that these women have left and will continue to leave in our world, and be inspired to leave your own.
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