Pablo Foncillas Díaz-Plaja

Adjunct Professor at IE Business School

Researcher and speaker in business innovation

Pablo Foncillas Diaz-Plaja

Pablo Foncillas, a graduate of the Swiss School of Business, holds a law degree and an MBA from the IESE Business School. He combines his life in the academic environment (two decades as part of the IESE faculty) and as a lecturer with managerial and consulting roles in various industries. He is the author of the book Sin miedo al cambio (2016) and co-author of Moda en el entorno digital (2015), and publishes articles in general, specialized and management press (La Vanguardia, among others). He has taught in Spain, Europe and Latin America and has been invited to give classes to students from NYU (USA), IDE (Ecuador) or ESE (Chile). A regular speaker on boards of directors and management committees, he has been invited to forums in various countries to address issues around e-commerce, omnicanality, social networks, digital marketing, trends, sales, route to market, commercial communication and marketing in general.