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Business & Management is about solving complex problems, turning business insights into strategic action and building the necessary skills that drive ambitious professionals to succeed in today's dynamic business environment. Business leaders have the power to inspire sustainable growth, keep customer needs at the center of their focus and accelerate digital transformation for real impact.

To do that, they must master durable skills like critical thinking, entrepreneurial mindsets and creative approaches as well as develop the technical skills and knowledge required to ignite change and challenge the status quo. This is exactly what our programs in Business & Management do for you.

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    Are ambitious with an entrepreneurial mindset, are ready to disrupt existing structures with innovative solutions and take on roles leading teams, departments and companies. Our programs are for those who want to nurture their sense of direction and cultivate the contribution they are making to others, society and the world.


    A transformative learning experience that will open doors to discovering and developing new ways of thinking, leading, inspiring and driving growth. Gain the necessary skills, experiences and network to forge and boost a unique career path, launch your own company or jump towards a career switch.


    Inspiring business leaders with an in-depth and rigorous understanding of diverse contexts, complex industry and sector dynamics and the macroeconomic environment. Leaders with a unique blend of thinking and behavioral skills and individual sense of purpose to make a difference in the world and people around them.

Why is this pathway and IE University the right choice for you?
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    Become a professional powered by knowledge

    Turn business insights into action to solve complex problems faced by companies and society today. Create value for your company or startup by achieving sustainable growth as you drive innovation while reducing your environmental footprint. Think, work and lead in a way that inspires your teams while implementing sustainable business strategies that have a lasting impact on people, society and, why not?—maybe even the world.

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    Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

    Whether you work in a company or have started your own business, it is critical that you nurture the necessary skills to make great things happen. Transforming yourself to become an exceptional business professional takes hard work and practice, so our programs offer a safe and challenging lab where you can experiment with new behaviors, ways of thinking and mindsets.

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    Let your purpose be your fuel

    Become part of a new generation of business professionals who have a responsibility towards the well-being of people around them, society and the world. Use your business skills to create the better world that you envision while feeling motivated, engaged and inspired by what you are doing every day.

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    Build up your global network

    Get instant access to and learn from a diverse and international community of global business leaders. Our faculty, student body and global alumni represent more than 140 nationalities and cultures, offering different perspectives and worldviews to enrich your personal and professional development. Your classroom peers will become lifelong friends and potential business partners and will guide you on your educational and professional journey.

Reach your potential through our programs

Our range of bachelor’s, master’s and dual degree programs are consistently top-ranked and are fully recognized by the world’s leading accreditation bodies and are AACSB, AMBA and Equis accredited. You will also be offered the flexibility and customization to personalize your learning journey to fit your aspirations, strengths and goals. 

Our programs are carefully designed to give you the exact set of skills you’ll need to jump-start the next phase of your career. With flexible and customizable programs covering everything from international business and economics, product, service & experience management, technology and analytics as well as strategy and transformation, you will be able to pursue your interests while challenging both yourself and the status quo in a broad range of sectors.

Undergraduate Programs

Masters Programs

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Where we'll take you

Business and management have always been fast-paced and constantly changing. The evolving business landscape of today requires a new type of professional—someone powered by knowledge, leads with a clear sense of purpose and approaches every situation with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

There are so many opportunities for ambitious professionals to develop and grow across a full range of functions, leading them to management roles, their own startups, product and supply chain management, corporate innovation, strategy and consulting, business development, sustainability & ESG consulting, digital transformation, business analytics and so much more.

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Career services adapted to your profile

Our multinational Talent & Careers team is committed to our community and provides many opportunities for your professional development and personal transformation. From individualized career advice and guidance to kickstart your professional future, organizing helpful events and forums, to developing close collaborations with world-leading employers, we are dedicated to connecting you to the real industry and helping you boost your career. 

Through these initiatives, hundreds of companies visit IE University each year, and each is looking for business professionals who lead with purpose. These events present thousands of new opportunities to IE University students. The Talent & Careers team in Business & Management makes these resources available to you, but your experience depends on how you take advantage of them.

  • Talent & Careers at IE Business School


    Throughout your program at IE, you will be coached by experts from the IE Talent & Careers department on a variety of topics. These will be highly technical sessions related to how to prepare an effective CV, writing a cover letter, networking effectively and how to achieve your professional goals.

    You will also be advised on the resources available for students through the IE Talent & Careers department, as well as liaise with external industry professionals in events such as the Talent Forum and have access to an international job portal.

  • Women at IE Business School


    Depending on the program within this pathway, you can have access to industry-specific panels, exclusive networking events and personalized advising from our Talent & Careers experts on how to brand yourself, improve your CV and tackle job interviews. You will also enter our international job bank to access exclusive opportunities in a wide range of companies. Depending on the program within this career pathway, you can access exchanges, international experiences like the Immersion Weeks or the Real Estate On the Spot, Business of Design or NextGen Series where top experts in the field come to the classroom to share their professional journeys.

    You will also have access to participate in over 150 student-led clubs as the Real Estate Club, Family office Club, Smart Cities Club, or even start your own.

A Glimpse into who you could become...

  • Taylee's Story

  • Kimberley's Story

  • Fatik's Story


Taylee Lewis: Head of Corporate Affairs, Europe (Cornerstone Group Australia)

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Taylee Lewis now works in Milan, Italy as the Head of Corporate Affairs, Europe for Cornerstone Group Australia and Head of Australia and Asia-Pacific. She shares how the Global Online MBA boosted her leadership and management skills.


Kimberley Gygi: Customer Support Manager, Bloomberg

After the Master in Management combined with the Master in Customer Experience and Innovation Kimberley found professional fulfillment as a Customer Support Manager at Bloomberg in London.


Fatik Khan: Manager GTCE & Digital Offerings at Deloitte

Originally from India, Fatik Khan studied the International MBA at IE Business School. He currently lives in Brussels and is working as a Manager at Deloitte for the Digital Office.

Which Business Program IS RIGHT FOR yOU?


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Investing in education is like buying property: IE University property. It’s a time to experiment and experience new things. To make the best investment, explore in depth the multiple bachelor’s, master’s and executive programs available.

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You have decided on two program options. Amazing! Choosing your program is the foundation of your property, and the application process is the frame. Building a solid frame is an essential step in your IE University journey. Good luck!

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It’s time to build your IE University property’s walls and ceilings. Next step: financing. Whether you build the walls yourself with savings or someone else helps you via loans, scholarships or family support, securing this plan is a must!

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Your IE University property is safe, it’s time to get water and electricity. This includes things like choosing where to live, getting your visa and learning Spanish (a must!). Our Student Services team is happy to help you set all this up!

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You are now living at your brand-new IE University property. What’s your plan? Campus Life brings LIFE to your IE Experience. Join clubs, network, practice your professional skills or develop new talents. The options are limitless!

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IE Talent &

It’s not all fun and games at your IE University property. You have to continue to improve your property. Work with our career advisors, network with recruiters, attend job fairs and more to future-proof your career development.

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Maintenance is key for a solid IE University property. This assures the value of your investment and allows for new development. Joining our global IE Alumni Community unlocks a world of opportunities thanks to our Alumni Services.

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Our Campus Experience

With three locations in Madrid and Segovia, our campuses are a blend of cultures, welcoming over 7,000 students from more than 140 countries every year.

Our campuses in Madrid, IE Tower and Maria de Molina, provide you numerous opportunities to network with multinationals in one of the world’s leading financial hubs. At the Segovia campus, history and tradition meet innovation with our state-of-the-art classrooms.

No matter which campus you choose, you will be surrounded by a diverse range of peers, professors and perspectives that will enhance your learning experience


Staying at the cutting edge is central to our ethos at IE University. IE Insights offers inside knowledge from industry experts, including their thought-leading opinions and analyses on the topics that matter now and will matter tomorrow.

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