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Social Impact At IE UNIVERSITY

Successful transformation of a community relies on individual behavioral change combined with a common sense of purpose. It's about adopting this mindset: what I do is a reflection of who we are. At IE University, we strongly believe that when staff, faculty and students connect with each other, learn about issues, and are supported to tackle social challenges, we all benefit.



Our goal is to increase tenfold the number of workshops and seminars, as well as the creation of specialized, sustainability-focused programs for new employees by 2030. Across the board and through the IE Center for Social Innovation & Sustainability, we have set in place initiatives that foster talent and the spirit of innovation.


Diversity and inclusion are fundamental principles for IE University. 

  • We support 100% of students, staff and faculty with disabilities

    IE University’s classrooms are fully accessible for community members with physical challenges. Our objective is to creatively consider and develop new actions in collaboration with the Adecco Group Foundation and Celima.

  • Our Functional Diversity team

    Our Functional Diversity team is engaged with students with differing needs from the beginning, or at any time during their journey at IE University. Once the appropriate accommodations for each of these students are identified, the Functional Diversity team works closely with the academic program to make sure they are implemented. The team maintains open lines of communication with students and requests formal feedback from them twice a year so that necessary improvements can be made to the program.

  • Self-identity and the expansion of consciousness | IE University

    My Well-Being

    We strive to facilitate kindness, compassion, empathy and respect within the IE Community. The IE Center for Health, Well-Being & Happiness takes a scientific, holistic approach to enhancing happiness and potential within our community. In addition to the Advanced Seminars Program that focuses on body, mind and soul, the Center organizes workshops on high-performance attention and much more.

  • Challenges of attracting international LGBTQ+ talent

    LGBTQI+ at IE University

    Diversity at IE University also involves sexual orientation and gender. There are a number of initiatives that are run by the LGBTQI+ community. The IE Out & Allies Club and the LGBT+@Work conference are two examples.                                


Our goal is to ensure that all students who graduate from IE are trained as responsible leaders and are aware of their role in building a sustainable world. We aim to enhance IE’s contribution to cutting-edge knowledge and innovation related to sustainability.


Women at IE boost the representation of women's talent in high decision-making bodies at public and private companies, startups, associations, foundations, political institutions and more.

IE faculty, researchers, clubs, alumni, and staff design tools and programs to effectively attract, retain and support the most talented women in their quest for career advancement and success. The IE Foundation supports this initiative and, on behalf of the IE community and its donors, designates a significant portion of the annual budget exclusively to help women continue on their path to excellence.


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IE University maximizes its social impact by teaming up with companies and organizations from a broad range of industries and sectors. We work together to address the challenges we face in society and to make a difference through social intervention that benefits people’s lives.

We encourage our entire community to participate in Hazloposible , an online platform that allows us to collaborate with organizations on social causes that generate a positive social impact. Together our faculty, staff, students and alumni become agents of transformative change by working as partners to make a real impact on the lives of people and provide hope for the future.

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