People are the main asset of any community. As a community of students, faculty, administration, staff and alumni, we define ourselves through a key set of values and objectives: promoting businesses that enhance progress and well-being, supporting diversity and global understanding, encouraging sustainable development and preserving natural resources.

Building the IE Community Worldwide

IE University has 30 international offices across de globe. Each office serves as a point of contact with the local IE community whether it is with candidates, students, alumni, parents, institutions, or companies.
Covering all continents, IE’s offices organize events and activities to keep the community engaged and connected. Even in times of Covid, following the rules and restrictions that each country or city has in place, some offices have managed to offer students and alumni a space to share and stay connected.


Last November, students from the Executive Master in Digital Transformation & Innovation Leadership (EDTX) got together in South Africa during their residential week. They met in our office space in Johannesburg, where they attended online classes together.

Dudu Dhladhla, Mbali Tshitenge and Stanley Gabriel, EDTX students, met in Johannesburg (Nov 2020), accompanied by Laika Masuku, Southern Africa’s IE Office Coordinator.


Future students meet at a picnic in Mexico City (Nov 2020)

The restrictions imposed in most countries have driven the teams to be more innovative in the type of events that are organized. For example, during the first week of November, and after 8 months of fully online activities, our office in Mexico organized their first face-to-face event for students starting Spring 2021. Following all health protocols and measures designated by the local authorities, students enjoyed a picnic in Mexico City.

Marcos Ramírez, Mexico’s IE Office Director said, “Students told us that they really appreciated our effort in making this happen, as it is not the same to meet your future classmates online than to meet them in a park around a nice picnic”.

Attendees were provided with an IE University health kit that included a face mask and hand sanitizer. Students had the chance to meet their future classmates in an environment filled with camaraderie and hope for new beginnings.


Global Online MBA students meet in Dubai

During the first weeks of 2021, several Global Online MBA students met in Dubai for their residential period. They joined their classes virtually and attended a career panel and other networking events with alumni and students from other programs. They also went on a Cultural Tour of Dubai, organized through an alumna’s company.


Students Connect in Nigeria through art

IE offices and IE representatives worldwide are ambassadors of the institution’s values and spirit. The Student Connect activity organized by our office in Nigeria, brought together current and future students around a painting class. It was an opportunity to network and meet fellow IE members, allowing them to connect with their artistic side as well.
These are just a few examples of how we build the IE community worldwide and beyond our campuses in Segovia and Madrid. The IE spirit transcends the physical environment of our campuses and joins forces abroad and beyond, to continue generating personal and professional growth, with a multicultural scope.


Students are integral to advancing sustainability at IE University and clubs are instrumental to the IE University student experience.

Among the many clubs on campus, there are several dynamic groups that allow students to participate in community engagement activities, host awareness events, and provide peer education and outreach about local and global issues of concern related to sustainability.

To have an even greater impact on campus at IE University and beyond, these clubs have each taken on a specific focus for 2020, related to this year’s goal of responsible consumption: water, paper, energy, plastic, fashion or food.