IE University, recognized as one of the first 'carbon neutral' universities in Europe
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Sustainable development research allows individuals to reflect on their own actions by considering both current and future social and environmental impacts from a global perspective.


At IE University, professors, in accordance with the schedule determined by the Rectoral Committee and in compliance with established ethical and academic guidelines following the applicable higher education regulations, develop the relevant course syllabus, all while upholding the principle of academic freedom. 

Furthermore, one of IE University's primary objectives is the generation of knowledge, which is pursued through the same academic freedom. This includes the liberty to conduct research without undue external influence or constraints, while adhering to the current laws of the country and ethical standards set by international scientific communities and reputable academic journals. 

IE University places a high value on the freedom to engage in rational and scientific critique of results, theories, and assumptions, even when they may be subject to disagreement. Accordingly, this commitment to academic freedom extends into the classroom, ensuring that professors can teach and discuss a broad spectrum of perspectives and findings derived from published research. These principles are applied consistently to all full-time internal faculty members, regardless of their tenure status, whether junior or senior.

Research on Sustainability

In order to be truly impactful, research in the field of sustainability must help us better understand the challenges we face and offer innovative solutions to those issues. IE University has undertaken numerous research initiatives by top class faculty and researchers that fulfill this mission. The most exceptional projects are recognized through our Sustainability Impact Awards. Hear about all our change-driven research projects straight from our researchers. 


The IE Sustainability Office, in partnership with the IE Research Office, launched a program of awards to foster and celebrate our faculty’s efforts to support those who facilitate sustainable outcomes for people and the planet.

 The awards are granted to academic and applied research produced by IE University faculty that foster sustainable impact in these two categories:


Two €5,000 awards will be granted to academic papers that have already been accepted by a journal in the IE High-Interest Journals Lists, or applied research projects that have already gone through the first filter of the EU funding selection process.


Five €2,000 awards will be granted to research projects in the process of being submitted to a journal in the IE High-Interest Journals Lists, or applied research projects that are in the final phases of development.



The IE Foundation research centers focus on pursuing economic and societal development through investigation initiatives. Spanning a range of fields, these research centers are dedicated to promoting diversity and multidisciplinary knowledge. They include the China Center, the Africa Center, the Saudi-Spanish Center for Islamic Economics and Finance (SCIEF), the IE University Center for Diversity in Global Management and more.

Research plays a critical role at IE University. As a world-class institution, our contribution to this positive change must consider generational knowledge as a lever for sustainable impact. This includes both academic research and applied research.

IE-ELECNOR Observatory on Sustainable Compliance Cultures

IE University, from the IE Foundation and IE Law School, has partnered with the Elecnor Foundation in the creation of the IE-Elecnor Observatory on Sustainable Compliance Cultures.

This Observatory responds to the IE Foundation and IE University’ s mission of generating cutting-edge knowledge, relying on the experience of the IE Foundation and the excellence of the IE faculty.