Living in Segovia

Living in Segovia

Living in Segovia

Are you planning to study at IE University’s Segovia campus? If so, one of your biggest questions at this point might be, “Where am I going to live?” Your living situation can be a determining factor in your quality of life in Segovia. Therefore, we would recommend beginning the housing search as soon as possible to make sure that you are able to choose the option that is best for you!

There are two primary types of accommodation available to our students: Student Residences (dormitories) and private flats.

Homestays with local families are also an option (more details below).


We always recommend that our first-year and exchange students opt for student residences. Student residences take care of time-consuming logistical issues such as utility bills and internet contracts so that you can focus on the important things! Many of them give you the option to sign up for additional services such as food and laundry. Plus, they are one of the best places to make friends and get to know Segovia! We recommend that our students reserve rooms in student residences as soon as possible, due to the fact that there is limited availability and they can fill up quickly. The Student Services department recommends the following student residences. For up to date information on prices, availabilities and how to reserve a room, kindly get in touch with them directly.


- IMPORTANT: NOW OPEN RESERVATION TERM FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2019/2020 until filling the available slots.
- IEU's residence hall, which has 61 spots exclusively for our students.
- All rooms have a private bathroom, WiFi, daily cleaning service, and full board (three meals a day served in the university’s cafeteria).
- The prices vary between 840€ and 1.115€ per month, depending on the occupancy of the room (individual or double) and its size.
- To reserve a spot, it is necessary to pay a 950€ deposit that is refunded only after the completion of the academic year.

Calle Cardenal Zuñiga 12, Segovia



- IMPORTANT: NOW OPEN RESERVATION TERM FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2019/2020 until filling the available slots.
- Located only 5 minutes away from campus, IE University recommends this superb residence in the case that our own is full.
- They offer single rooms with an en suite bathroom. They provide services as: WiFi, cleaning, safe, mini fridge, etc.
- Prices start at 690€/month, with breakfast and dinner included. Lunch is offered as well, but at an additional cost. The IE Cafeteria’s meal plan is a complementary option, and can be purchased directly on campus.

Calle de los Vargas 17, Segovia
Contact: or +34 921 424 650




All enrolled IEU students receive access to an exclusive housing database once they have their student username and password, approximately one month before the new academic year begins. In this database, private landlords in the area post listings for available flats and rooms. This resource is available so that students can get in touch directly with landlords.

Disclaimer: The flats are not vetted by IE staff. Therefore, we always recommend that students visit the flats in person before signing a contract or making payments.



If you prefer living in a family environment where you can practice your Spanish and enjoy delicious home cooked meals, then a home stay is the perfect option for you!

IE has an agreement with the company InnFamily, which pairs host families with university students. IE students receive a 30% discount on the booking fee.

InnFamily is a company specialized in providing host family accommodation for students who are planning temporary exchange programs in Spanish universities and colleges.

When matching host families and students, they take the specific needs of each student into account. Staying with a host family is a great way to get to know Spanish culture, language, and traditions first-hand without worrying about the daily house-keeping duties. In addition, many of the host families have university-aged children who live at home, which helps facilitate the student’s integration in the Spanish destination city.


Renting a Flat

Do you already have experience living on your own? Would you prefer a living situation that provides a bit more independence? If so, you might be interested in renting a flat, either on your own or with flatmates. Here are some of the tools available to IEU students interested in renting a flat:

Although renting a flat through a real estate agency tends to be a bit more expensive due to commissions, it can be a much more convenient option. IE recommends the following real estate agencies. Be sure to mention that you study at IE. Follow the links below to find out more:

Ático Inmobiliara | Sweet Home Segovia– | ASC Servicios Inmobiliarios | People & Home | Realty Plus | Uniplaces 


In general, the most common way to search for a flat in Spain is by using one of the most popular housing search websites. Click on the links below to find out more:

Idealista | Fotocasa | Vibbo | Enalquiler


Before renting a flat in Segovia, there are several things to keep in mind:
**Note: The most important factor that influences the amount you spend on rent is whether or not you decide to share an apartment. Living alone is always more expensive. If you don’t know anyone who you can share a flat with, but would like to find accommodation with another IEU student, you should join the IEU Housing Segovia Facebook group. This group forum has been specifically designed to help you find flatmates and to find more information on renting in Segovia


Though prices for renting an apartment in Segovia vary depending on several factors, including the student’s personal taste and his/her needs, you can expect to pay anywhere between 500€ and 950€ a month for a one or two-bedroom apartment. If you plan to share your flat with other students, expect to pay between 250€ and 400€ per month.


If you plan to live in a flat, we always recommend visiting it in person before signing a contract. It is also important that you don’t pay the landlord prior to signing a contract. This is important in order to avoid scams.


Rental contracts usually last one year, although you can sometimes negotiate with the landlord to rent for a shorter period. This will sometimes cause the price to increase. The landlords will usually ask for a security deposit that can be the equivalent of 1 to 6 months of rent. You can negotiate the terms with them.
In addition, it is important to always request a receipt of payment as well as a contract which has been signed by both parties.


Additional expenses such as electricity, water, gas, wi-fi, etc., are not typically included in the cost of rent.

Are you a landlord?

Contact the accommodation team